5 Eye Pencils Comparison: Lakme Eyeconic,Colorbar Iglide,Kryolan Ikonic & Lakme Absolute


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The above title should tell what I am gonna talk about today. Lakme Eyeconic was my favorite everyday kohl till I discovered Ikonic by Kryolan. Colorbar I glides, although a little more expensive than the other two are a cult favorite amongst all makeupholics. Yesterday, Anamika and I were talking about some of our favorite eyeliners and we thought it would be good idea to do a comparison post .

Eye pencils Comparison_Lakme Eyconic_Colorbar Iglide_Lakme Absolute_Kryolan Ikonic

Lakme Eyeconic:

Review here

Lakme Eyeconic was a big hit because of the price tag at first,but then I realized it is a very good Kajal to have. Its smooth and lasts pretty much all day long .Because its retractable there is no product wastage.The pigmentation is good but it is not a jet black.This kohl is not apt for smokey eyes as it does not smudge easily .For smokey eyes ,this is not the pencil !It is easily available at all Lakme counters so plus 1 for availability !

Price: Rs.199.

My rating for Lakme Eyeconic: 4/5

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

Colorbar Iglide Pencils:

Review here

These pencils by colorbar took the beauty world by storm!Smooth ,well pigmented and come in an array of colours. They are comparatively more expensive than the other kohls in the drugstore market as the retail at INR 399. I am not sure if they cost more now.

The pigmentation and staying power of Iglides in phenomenal and will come out only with a good makeup remover.The jewel tones in this range make it great buy.The pencil is very soft ,so they are prone to breakage during sharpening which leads to product wastage.

Price: Rs.399

My rating for Colorbar Iglide: 4/5

Colorbar iglide eyeliner in glowing sapphire review + colorbar eyeliner

Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate:

Review here

This pencil is one the best in the market.. and they comes at a hefty price tag. Lakme has priced all the Absolute products at ridiculous prices. It retails at Rs 675 .

However,this pencil comes with a smudger and a sharpener making is perfect for travel. Pigmentation is awesome.The colour is a rich black. The kohl doesnt smudge once it sets and you definitely need a good makeup remover to take this off.

The smudger is handy but I wouldn’t call it awesome ! Its a rubber tip smudger which looks like an eraser pencil :p

At this price, there are better kohls out there in the market. The sharpener is too tight for the pencil and leads to a lot of product wastage-which really pinches at its price!

Price: Rs.675

My rating for Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate: 3.5/5


Kryolan Ikonic Gel Eyeliner Pencils:

Review here.

These are hands down the best pencils I have ever used. Ever since I got this,its all I use. Amazing smooth texture,great pigmentation,and a colour that wont budge once set.

The pencil is a sharpenable pencil and its amazingly soft and buttery.I have fallen in love with Ikonic.

Availability is a major issue with this one. Its avlb only In Mumbai as far I know.There has been some hoohaa about them not being owned by Kryolan.But, I asked the staff at the store and they said Kryolan has taken over the brand and that is why they are being sold in kryolan stores.Price:rs180

Price: Rs.180

My rating for Kryolan  Ikonic Gel Eyeliner Pencils: 5/5

Kryolan Ikonic Gel Eyeliner Pencil Black Review+eyeliner with pencil

Overall,I feel Colorbar and Ikonic pencils are rather similar in texture,with the latter being a tad softer than Iglide. However Iglide has a tendency to sting the eyes at times. Ikonic is a clear winner,because of the quality vs price.

Which is your fav amonsgt these?

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  1. :dazed: you guys are jalaaying mera dil again and again :-(( I want these pencils in my life :pain: kryolan are you listening :pray:

  2. Very nice and useful post shweta 🙂

    Hopefully will get my Ikonic pencils within this week :tap-dance: :rock-n-roll: :dance-left-right: :yippee:

  3. shwetha u explained about 4 pencils, what is the 5th one?, is it waiting ? its really useful post, iam thinking to ask question tht which is good, but u compared already :-)) thank u so much dear :highfive:

  4. I don’t like anything more than Lakme Kohl Ultimate. With daily use, I have already finished 2 of them and pondering on buying the third. Yes, price is really a factor which makes me feel hesitant. I don’t like blackout on waterline. it gives strain in my eyes and cause head ache after sometimte. Eyeconic kajal, i couldn’t find intense pigmentation. Kryolan i dont know where to get it from since i couldn’t find at Kryolan store, Chennai

  5. Yeah nisha.. Lakme absolute is very good! But kryolan tops the charts.. As they r creamy and long lasting.i dont experiment too much with kohls as im a contact lens wearer.. So once i feel something suits , i stick to it!lakme is delivering a fab product in terms of colour and pigmentation.. Agree totally there! Lae eyeconic works for me on work days as it givea definition and is good enough for the day time.,

  6. My next purchase is Kryolan.But the questn is..is it available on Delhi? Lajpath jana padega..hmm..its quit hot ..

  7. May I know where exactly you get Krylon Ikonic in Mumbai? I am looking for them for quite a long time. Can you give me address of the shop?


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