5 Eyeliner Sharpneners Available Online


5 Eyeliner Sharpneners Available Online

Sharpener is one product that we don’t pay much heed to, unless we go nuts looking for it only when in need to sharpen our favorite eyeliner and lip liner pencils. Sharpening helps in flawless and even application.

So listing today 5 eyeliner sharpeners available online.

Lakme Dual Sharpener


lakme dual sharpner makeup essential


The cheapest and one of the best sharpeners available in Indian market. Lakme Dual sharpener keeps your slim and jumbo sized eye and lip pencils in shape. Precisely sharpens your favourite liners. It is sharp. And interesting thing is it has a tiny cleaning stick to take off the sharpened waste.

Looks cute and works well. I recommend it.

Price:- INR 60

Availability: widely available at cosmetic stores and online at amazon.in

Colorbar Point Duo Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener


Colorbar Point Duo Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener


Give a precise point to even your softest cosmetic pencils in style. Ready for the road,this travel-friendly sharpener traps shavings inside so they don’t end up staining your purse. Use the snap-on caps on each side for quick and mess-free cleaning.

Price:- 225INR

Availability:- You can buy from colorbar outlets or from their own website here

Plum Posh Cosmetic Dual Pencil Sharpener


Plum Posh Cosmetic Dual Pencil Sharpener


The new name in the Indian blogger circle. Plum goodness sharper comes with following features:-

  1. Dual size for 8mm and 12mm pencils
  2. Fully detachable spill proof cover
  3. In built cleaning stick
  4. Long lasting special steel blades

Price:- 125

Availability:-You can buy it from their own website, i.eplumgoodnesss.com or

from Flipkart.com here

Faces Dual Pencil Sharpener


Faces Dual Pencil Sharpener


The Faces dual sharper can be used for both kinds of pencils 2-in-1 Pencil Sharpeners, for traditional makeup pencils as well as thick makeup crayons.

Price:- 105 INR

Availability:- From Faces outlets

Oriflame Very Me Sharpener


Oriflame Very Me Sharpener


The pencil sharpener is cute and handy and keeps your eyeliners, lip and brow pencils in perfect condition for flawless application. Features a double blade and is suitable for use on 5.6mm pencils.

Price:- 99 INR

Availabilty: Through Oriflame representatives.

Have you tried any of these eyeliner sharpners?

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