5 Face Packs For Daily Use


5 Face Packs For Daily Use

Hello beauty-lovers!

How is everyone doing? Lately we have been receiving a lot of question s related to the fact that can we use face packs on a daily basis and if yes, then which kind of face packs! Although my post does not curtail to the above questions, but i would anyhow like to clear the face that face-packs, especially market products are meant for deep-cleansing and just like you deep condition your hair once or twice a week deep cleansing of your skin is not meant to be done on a regular basis!

But this should not inhibit you from using certain products which can enhance your beauty on a day to day basis!

Dig in to know some of the most cost-efficient and skin-friendly; not to forget easy-peasy face masks which you can use on a daily basis!

Multani Mitti The Matte Face Pack

multani mitti and rosewater mask

Take some fuller’s earth powder (mad with rose water or raw milk) and mix a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder, and a teaspoon full of gram flour (besan). If the mixture seems to be too thick, add more rose water or raw milk; but if the mixture is too runny, add some more gram flour (besan) powder. Your motive should be to mix all things up to a fine paste like consistency!

Honey Moisturizing Goodness

honey hair care

This is one of the best, tried-and-tested face packs for almost all skin types! You need not do anything fancy all you need is a couple spoonfuls of honey and warm it up a bit (ensure that the temperature is bearable and not piping hot)! Warming up makes it easier to work with, plus it helps with your clogged pores the inherent moisturization is a plus anyhow! Apply a thin layer of honey all across your face and neck, lie down and relax! Wash after 20 minutes first with warm water, followed by ice cold water for tight pores, and an amazing skin!

Sandalwood  Cultural Beauty

sandalwood face pack

Nowadays, the world of advanced technology has lead to so much progress in the world of beauty. Same goes for the availability of sandalwood powder only, and only if you are sure that the product you get is authentic. Generally, the directions to convert the powdered form into a paste are mentioned in the directions of the packaging; but you can even use your own customized ways to form the required paste. For dry skin, make the sandalwood paste using raw milk. For combination skin, add rose water to the powder. Lastly, for oily, acne prone skin, add a bit of honey and tomato juice to for the paste.

Yogurt The Kitchen- Awesomeness

yogurt hair care

Although using plain yogurt on a regular basis is good enough for your skin on its own! Make sure the yogurt does not have any excess of water and is not too runny! It should be thick enough to stay put on your face without creating a gloopy mess everywhere! But on days when plain yogurt looks just too boring, you can throw in some oatmeal powder, or even an egg white for extra lightening and tightening!

Fruit Masks

fruit face mask

Fruit masks are probably the only thing which is not going to harm your skin be, what, may! Laden with natural goodness of vitamins and anti-oxidants you can never go wrong with them. Either you use Papayas, dried orange peel face mask, a mashed banana and strawberry face mask it is going to do good for you and your skin.

Have you tried any of these face packs for daily beauty regime?

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  1. hey hi…I have been using multani mitti mask for now..2 months..and it really soothes skin..Just wanted to know one thing..till now I have tried any types of makeup except eyeliner.but now would like to try some..how should I start??..what products can i use as my budget quite less..can i get some trial pack type offers..?? please help..

    • Hello Divya!
      Its good that you have been taking care of your skin, but keeping in consideration that you are thinking of venturing into makeup–start with basic bb creams and compact powders. Garnier and maybeline have some amazing, affordable and good-quality BB and CC creams as well as compacts!
      use just a lip balm for your lips for a more natural look! and you always have your eyeliner by your isde!;)


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