5 Face Scrubs Which You Might Like To Try



It’s important to use face scrubs atleast once a week to avoid blackhead, acne and other skin relater problems.Below we are listing down few of the popular scrubs which we have reviewed on Wise She .If you are looking for some nice scrubs then the post might help you out 🙂


OShea Herbals Aprifresh Scrub Review

This scrub is nice and thin and spreads easily. The scrub particles are minute and very soft and smooth. It is easy to spread. The fragrance is like any other Apricot or Walnut scrub from the drugstore although this smells more buttery. Another plus point of this scrub is that its sooooooper moisturizing. Once rinsed, there is a moisturizing layer on my skin.

Price: INR 70 for 60gms

shea herbals aprifresh spricot scrub+apricot scrub


Brillare Kiwi Fruit Face & Body Scrub Review

This scrub is milky green color with the walnut shell particles in it. It  has a pleasant smell…like a fresh creamy scent which doesn’t linger on. The particles look large but they are totally non abrasive. It keeps the skin well moisturized and after using this, there is no need of moisturiser for about 30mins or so.

It won’t remove makeup thoroughly but will definitely wash off the remnants well and leave the skin squeaky clean.

Price: INR 95

Brillare Kiwi Fruit face and body scrub review+ face and body srub


Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Face Scrubs Review

The apricot and white tea combo works very well in this scrub and it adds to the aroma. The texture is soft and smooth. This scrub also cures acnes to a large extent. It cleans the skin and leaves the skin smooth. It even helps in covering up the pores on our skin to some extent.

Price: $12 for 118 ml


Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Face Scrubs Review+bath and body works scrub


Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub Review

This scrub is a blue colour abrasive salt particles which is to be mixed thoroughly. Initially scrub feels harsh on the skin and stings. But, after one or two usage it works beautifully on the skin. It smells outstandingly and freaking good and gives that cooling sensation in hot summers  which makes the skin soft and supple.

Price: Rs. 910 for 120 g


Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub Review


The Natures Co Coffee Face Scrub Review

This scrub has that real coffee fragrance. It is not very mild but it is gentle on the skin. It has tiny coffee granuals which helps in exfoliation and the creamy base and glycerin keeps my skin soft, supple and moisturized. Scrub is going to suit almost all type of skin wether dry, oil or combination.

Price: Rs. 525 for 125 ml

The Natures Co" Coffee Face Scrub


Which is your favorite face scrub?

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