5 Facts Busted About Green Tea



Green tea has been much hyped these days for its multiple benefits and as it is said it facilitates weight loss. Green tea beneficial but it does not replace healthy eating and workout. Read on to find myths busted regarding Green tea.


Facts about green tea+green tea diet



  • It speeds up metabolism. Now this does not mean forget the workout, sit on couch, eat whatever you wish and in the end sip on green tea which will melt down all the fat in body. Green tea is no Magic Potion. It will not shed all your extra weight magically. Green tea aids weight loss only by speeding up metabolism and that is it. Period.
  • Green Tea have antioxidants. In fact every tea available have antioxidants. The only variation is the type of antioxidants present in each type of tea. Darjeeling Tea has some other kind of antioxidants whereas Green tea has some other. Preferably the tea that suits your taste buds has anti oxidants that your body is missing. So go according to your taste and choose the best tea for yourself.
  • Green tea have hell lot of benefits like its is a good stress buster, lowers bad cholesterol, prevents anti-ageing, controls diabetes and other medical problems.
  • Do not sip Green tea first thing in morning. Always eat something nutritious as soon as you wake up, since you are eating after a long break of 9-10 hours, body requires something fresh and healthy. So go for almonds soaked overnight or lemon-honey warm water or any fruit.  In fact, end your day with Green Tea it will prove to be much more beneficial.
  • Do not replace your meals with Green Tea. It does not have any nutritional value. Have your meals properly and on time. Adjust Green tea in your day as mid day snack and not as meal replacer.
  • Have Green tea once or twice a day maximum. Also, if you are a patient of blood pressure, diabetes or any other medical problem or are pregnant, make sure consult your doctor before having green tea after all its a tea and contains caffeine which is not good for health.


At the end if it does not suit your body, drop it. It is not that necessary. Try Darjeeling Tea or other variants available in market, something will definitely work for you.

Have green tea for its valuable effects on health and not a only as weight loss promoter. I hope you find the article beneficial and promote healthy eating. So how many of you are switching to green tea right way ?


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