5 Fall Color Trends of 2012


Oh wow! I didn’t know how this year just went by and it’s almost time for the festivities yet again. And here we have a list of what we love this season – the style, trends and the colors and prints this season. This is going to be a several-part series, and the first one will talk about Colors of Fall this season.

According to several top fashion gurus and magazines, the key this season is to use prominent or bold colors, that is, colors which stick to you. The idea is to display the warmth of your emotions through the colors, so the best idea is to stick to the colors and combinations which will be rich in the festive seasonal color. Here is our a-list of colors. I would say, the idea is very 40s and 50s Hollywood musical. If you still don’t get me, watch a few of them, and you will get what I mean.

Fall Color Trend – Red and Maroon

Not just any red, but deep, warm red, which can reflect the passionate side of you. The trend wants something that looks elegant, rich and expensive, so take special care about the fabric you sport. Teaming up a red jacket with black pants and a black top would be a great way to begin the season, or a dark maroon sari, which can be set off with a matching or contrasting blouse. My favorite top is this one – its simple, trendy, and can be worn with a skirt or a pair of jeans.

polyvore top

Also, this dress… sigh… perfect lace.


Lace is an in-thing this season, so you can use that, sparingly, in your clothing.

Look at the way Emma Stone rocks it.


She teams red up with a pink skirt, and wears beige heels with it. So well done of her.

Fall Color Trend Burgundy, Eggplant, Purple and Plum

Another must-have shade this season is from the dark purple-toned shades. Be it burgundy, eggplant, or plum, the idea is to wear it with wool and silk, which is the material trend this season. You can wear them in maxis, add them as accessories, or wear a cute hat of the color. The idea is to mix and match, but not at the cost of looking vulgar. The tip here is to keep everything simple and down to earth.

plum shrug


Taylor Swift rocks the color, btw. Nice, little girl dress teamed up with black gladiator wedges.


Fall Color Trend – Black and Blue

Black is black. Since the season is all about richness, it has to be celebrated with the queen of all reigning colors. I have no words, but somehow I have felt, black makes even the most trashy clothes look nice. But, this season, it is all about teaming it up with blue. Most designers have decided to team the two colors up, and damn if they don’t look hot together.

Typically you can color block with black, and get away wearing hot pinks and fuchsia as well. But, nothing looks better than teaming black up with royal, rich blue.


Just take one look at Kim K. I mean, that’s the key to this. Pair black with blue. It looks so amazing!


No, not fluorescent orange. This season its more about the rich, sunsetty, burnt orange, which can come in all form. I was loving some of the creations from quite a few stores, and this one is my favorite.

burnt orange

Also, this coat, which is so toasty warm to look at.


I had this one picture of Jada Pinkett-Smith wearing orange, but I hated her in that dress so much that I decided to not put it up here. The best thing about this color is, it looks good on virtually anyone.

Fall Color Trend – Teal

Cerulean or teal are two really amazing colors which suits fairer skins, but also looks great when used in moderation on darker and medium tones. Team up your teals with black, silver, grey and stone colors, and that would look gorgeous.


I love this teal skirt, btw.


And… okay, so I am a sucker for this beautiful contrast of teal and orange-red … but this is one of those colors that looks GOOD on virtually anyone.teal salwar

Fall Color Trend – Vintage White


Not all whites are equal. Vintage white is definitely not the same as the rest. That’s why, check the antiquated, slightly lacy whites over others. Like this long maxi dress I am in love with.

Either team it up, or leave it alone, white is back with a vengeance.


Love this embroidery work on the white kurta that was teamed up with a pair of jeans. Love her shoes, so nicely pointy toed and Indian.


And here is the beautiful Aishwarya Rai sporting white. She just makes everything look so amazing.

Aishwarya Rai white kurta

So, there you have it. Five fall color trends which is sure to make you look amazing, and has a lovely range to it.

Disclaimer: All of the pictures were Googled, not modified in any way apart from sized down or up, and did not have any watermark on them. If I just trod on your copyrighted toe, then I am really sorry. Also, the opinions are all mine and may differ from person to person.

Whats Your Pick In This Fall Color Trends ?

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