5 False Eyelashes That You Can Try


5 False Eyelashes That You Can Try


When we do eye makeup, we love to use mascara for thick and long lashes. But mascara has its limitations and this is where fake eyelashes come to rescue. These are boon for girls with scanty lashes but every girl can use them to enhance her eyes.

Ardell False EyeLashes

Price- $3


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Ardell eyelashes have perfect shape and length. The eyelashes are very light in weight. They stay on eyes for a long time. The lashes look natural. These do not feel itchy. The lash-band is quite thin which blends with the eyes. These are a must have for the lovers of false eyelashes.

e.l.f. VIP Studio Eyelash Kit

Price- $3


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This kit includes one set of lashes, a lash stand, a lash applicator and glue. You get all things in one place and the things are a great help for beginners. The contents of the kit make applying the falsies very quick. The lashes are thick and good for dramatic effect.

Claire’s Cosmetics GLAM EYELASHES

Price- INR 350


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These lashes have soft hair and feel very light. These come with a glue. Lashes come in different variants which are suitable for various occasions and daily wear. These fake lashes are sturdy and stay put.

Sleek Makeup False Eyelashes

Price- $5.41


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Sleek eyelashes are available in various designs and one of the lightest eyelashes as these are made of human hair. These come with glue which is fast drying. These falsies add volume and length to the lashes. These are easy to use and affordable.

Kryolan False Eyelashes

Price- between INR 140-600


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Kryolan has extensive range of gorgeous eye lashes. There are different styles available. You can try these for everyday use and will also find many colourful lashes for that dramatic effect. If you love eye makeup these pocket-friendly beauties are definitely worth a try.

Have you tried any of the false lashes?

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