5 Fantastic Medicines To Treat Your Pimples


5 Fantastic Medicines To Treat Your Pimples


Pimples, whatever there cause is, refuse to go away once they attack a face. To serve the purpose of pimple reduction, many anti-pimple creams are available in market. Not all of these are effective. The ones that work are really sought after. Remember that it is not essential that if a medicine worked for your friend then it will also work for you.

You can also read about how Mitra got rid of her acne to know about some effective products.

Here are 5 anti-acne creams that may help in clearing your skin of zits-

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Pimple Relief Roll-on


Garnier Pimple Relief Roll On


Price- INR 199

Firstly the thing that I’ve tried. It really works. Just apply it as soon as a pimple pops up on your face and it will be gone in 1-2 days. I’ve also tried Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Pimple Control Pen which was also good but nowhere near the roll on.  The effective formula of this pimple relief roll on curbs the pimples to give you visible results. The efficient ingredients of this pimple roll on help speed up the drying out of pimples. It lightens pimple marks too. It is non-greasy. This roll on is suitable for all skin types and for both men and women.

Retino A


Retino A cream


Retino A cream works very effectively against pimples. It contains tretinoin which counters acne and clears them. It is especially good for cystic acne. It also helps in reducing the acne scars. It plumps up the skin and removes dullness too.

Retino A is very potent and should be taken only after consulting a dermatologist. It costs round INR 120.

Avene Triacneal



Price- INR 1350

It contains acne-fighting ingredients, including patented Retinaldehyde with proven anti-aging benefits, Glycolic Acid and the new patented Efectiose, formulated with soothing thermal spring water to help eliminate breakouts, abnormal keratinization, acne-related redness and irritation and residual scarring. It reduces pimple marks as well. This also has anti-ageing benefits. It exfoliates skin and makes it smooth. Avene Triacneal is paraben-free, hypoallergenic and non comedogenic

Glyco 6


anti acne cream

This cream has glycolic acid and works against even big pimples. It evens out skin and reduces blemishes too. It contains 12% glycolic acid which is not very high. It removes the dull skin layer. It should be used at night only. Glyco-6 costs just about 40 rupees.

This cream is to be used only after a doctor’s prescription.

Nomarks Acne Pimple Cream


best anti acne cream

This cream which costs just about 50 rupees is very effective in working against nasty pimples. It has antibacterial and anti- oxidant properties and penetrates deeper layers of skin to prevent & treat acne and diminish post-pimple marks. It has Turmeric, Liqorice and Clove and is enriched with organic actives.

Have you tried any of these anti acne products?

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