5 Fashion Trends To Avoid In 2013



 I have talked lot about the fashion trends “In” this season but today I’ll be talking about “outdated fashion trends”. I just wish they never come back.. 😀

Mullet dresses: Personally I really don’t like these low-high dresses as they are neither a proper short fitting dress nor a feminine maxi dress. When the setup itself is so puzzling, the look becomes puzzled too and that’s the problem with these sorts of dresses which need to disappear soon. It’s better to wear a short or maxi dress rather wearing this. So, for me this is a fading trend and I’m not going to wear them. 😀


Trends to kill_mullet dress


Raccoon eyes: There’s a fine line between Smokey eyes and raccoon eyes so please stop overdoing your eye makeup as it looks horrible. Actress Taylor Momsen’s raccoon eyes look terrible and there’s nothing attractive about that. So, stop wearing too much makeup. Girls love wearing a lot of eyeliner, but raccoon eyes are not hot ladies.


Trends to kill_raccoon eyes


Bandage Dresses: Bandage dresses were so overvalued when they entered the international fashion sight, particularly by fat celebs who wore them to look slimmer, that they also became boring and overused. Anything in a reasonable amount is acceptable and when something goes overboard, it’s time to ditch it. So, think twice before them again. 😀


Trends to kill_bandage dress


Torn or Printed stockings: I never like the printed stockings as they look so weird and tacky; I’m still wondering how can someone wear it? They look horrible and out of place in lieu of looking fashionable nowadays. And same goes for the torn stockings too, how can you wear them.. like without pants?? Is this a trend? Really? If yes, then stop wearing it right now as it looks ugly and wear your pants. 😀


Trends to kill_torn stockings


Shoulder Pads: Shoulder pads were basically created to balance slouchy or droopy shoulders. On the contrary, they handled quite well to create an impression of mass and made the lady look much bulky than she was. Numerous women in the 80s loved this look and the trend has been surfacing every now and then but I wish this trend stayed in the 80’s only.


Trends to kill_Shoulder-Pad-horz


Stop wearing the above trend unless you don’t want to be the next fashion disaster. 😀





  1. I will have to disagree with points 4 & 5. I simply believe its just a matter of personal choice. They both look fab and have been quite around for a while now. (No torn leggings though) 😀

  2. i saw few mullet dresses online..i was tempted to buy them but wasn’t sure how they will look on me ..now i m not going to buy them at least till i don try them out

  3. Oh goddd..shoulder pads….brings back such bad memories of ehn i was a kid n was gorced t wear those kinda ftocks..plus lace plus layers plys chikan work…i shudder at d memory…


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