5 Forest Essentials Products You Must Buy This Winter


5 Forest Essentials Products You Must Buy This Winter

During winters skin starts behaving very weird and gets dry & patchy and those freckles are oh so no no. If you are someone who likes to give yourself ultimate skin pampering, then you are at the right place.

For the luxurious beauty pampering of your skin, Forest Essentials is the right brand. Forest Essentials is a high-end Skincare brand and its products works great for skin & hair care. They are free from chemicals and preservatives and are definitely caring for your skin.

Today I shall talk about the best five products of Forest Essentials that are a must in your beauty regime during the cool. Breezy winters. So go through the products and make sure you get them in your daily skin care routine:

Forest Essentials Madhulika Nourishing Honey Lep



Price- INR 1475

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To start with, the first product that has made it up to this list is the Madhulika Nourishing Honey Lep. It is an orange brown colored face pack and has a runny consistency. The texture of this mask is very smooth and has a peeling effect on the skin, maybe that’s because of the presence of orange peel extracts. The pack provides the essential nourishment & hydration for my skin.

It makes skin soft & smooth and gives an instant glow to the face.
This mask is also capable of taking care of your winter sun soaked skin and removes light tanning from the skin very effectively.

Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub



Price: INR475

It is very effective and not overly abrasive & still does its job pretty well. It exfoliates lips well and at the same time keeps lips moisturized. During winters when your lips get chapped and flaky, this lip scrub is your savior then. Our lovely Zara is head over heels in love with it and has rated it a 5/5, do you need any more reasons to convenience this purchase.

Forest Essential Facial Toner Pure Rose Water



Price: INR 1125

This toner moisturizes the skin which gets dry during winter and provides cooling effect during the summer. This is actually worth using throughout the year. The toner is really efficient and comes in handy when your skin feels dry even during flights.

Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream with Anise



Price: INR 1575

Under eye care should never be ignored. The skin around eyes is the most sensitive area and demands for hydration always. The Intensive eye cream is the ultimate night cream for you to try. It not just treats the dark circle, it also keeps the area around eyes looking fresh

Forest Essentials Sandalwood And Saffron Night Treatment



Price: Rs.975

Without a night cream any skin care routine is considered incomplete irrespective of any season. Night creams are of utmost importance since our skin repairs itself the most during nights. Especially in winters when our skin gets dry, it needs proper hydration and moisture. This night cream fulfills the requirements of your skin and hydrates it really well.
It is a rich cream that smells like sandalwood, and despite of its richness, it does not break out.

These were some of the best skin care products of forest essentials, which are a must for you to have this winter season.

Have you tried any of these Forest Essential products?

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