5 ‘Friends’ Favourite Moments


5 ‘Friends’ Favourite Moments


I’m sure that most of you must have watched ‘Friends’. The show started in 1994 and ended in 2004. But even though it ended ten years ago it is still one of the most loved shows of many people. The show celebrated its 20th anniversary on September 22 and we too decided to remember our favourite TV series and show some love.

Some fun moments from the sitcom are here for you to enjoy-

When Phoebe Sang


friends favourite moments

Phoebe was hilarious when she sang ‘smelly cat‘ in her ‘real voice’. Loved the way the rest of the gang joined in.

When Brad Pitt came to Friends


friends favourite moments

It is one of the ooh la la moments from the sitcom. The hot Brad Pitt did a cameo as Will Colbert and was portrayed as school friend of Ross. At that time Brad was dating Jennifer and the episode became funnier as he was shown to be a part of ‘I Hate Rachel’ club and also due to the ‘rumour’ about Rachel. Not to forget the ‘take of your shirt and tell us’ remark by Phoebe.

When Rachel ordered pizza


favourite moments friends

Ordering pizza was followed by a breakup fight. But it was the pizza scene that was good fun and afterwards all Friends were shown eavesdropping (as usual) on Rachel and Ross.

When Ross and Monica became true siblings


best moments friends

Telling every secret between themselves to their parents was when Ross and Monica showed their sibling rivalry. That scene was hilarious and made everyone of us cherish some old memories.

The One With All The Wedding Dresses


friends best moments

‘I wish there was a job where I could wear this all the time!’ 😀 The petite Monica couldn’t restrain herself from wearing the wedding dress. The scene between Monica and Phoebe was too funny and later the ‘I do’ moment made us go mad. Girl-time ideas!

Do you like this show?

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