5 Fruit Packs for Glowing Skin


5 fruit packs for glowing skin


Fruits are nature’s way of treating the human beings with so many beneficial vitamins & minerals. According to popular belief, it was the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ which laid the foundation of the existence of human beings on earth…! Well, that may or may not be true but fruits are the most natural edible items which can be eaten in their most raw form.

These fruits are little bundles of vitamins and other essential nutrients which are needed by the body to perform various metabolic activities.


fruit face packs


While we already are aware of the great benefits of fruits for the human body, here we will know something more about the goodness of these fruits in enhancing the beauty of the skin and providing a natural glow to the face along with effectively solving many skin problems. So, here we will discuss about five types of fruit packs which can be used to get a natural and healthy glowing face and skin. Here only those fruits are selected which are juicy and pulpy which can be mashed properly to get the appropriate consistency for applying it on the face.

Carrot Face Pack

Carrots are very rich sources of vitamin A and are excellent to be used for a face pack. For this, the carrots are washed properly and grinded with the help of a grinder. Adding a small quantity of cream to the mixture makes a smooth paste of the fruit and it will be more suitable for applying on the skin. Carrot juice consists of vitamin A and beta carotenoids which are known to prevent skin problems and prevent aging process of the skin. The milk mixture along with the carrot juice provides a visible glow to the face and maintains the elasticity of the skin.


Carrot face pack


Tomato Face Pack

Tomatoes are a common fruit are extensively used in food items. It can be used and served in both ways, either with cooked meals or in raw form as both taste great and is liked very much by people. Tomatoes are washed properly and are grinded to form a puree and mixed with some Honey to increase its viscosity so that it can be easily applied on the skin. Tomatoes are mildly acidic in nature and are known as staple bleaching agents which help in skin lightening. It contains potassium and vitamin C which is excellent for the skin. The honey added to the mixture provides the necessary moisturization needed by the skin.


tomato face pack


Orange Face Mask

Oranges are brilliant sources of Vitamin C and its tremendous benefits for the skin need no introduction. Being very juicy and pulpy it is great to eat as well as make a face mask and use its benefits on the skin. For this, a fresh orange is taken and peeled properly. The pulp is mashed out properly so as to get enough of it for applying on the face. After that a little quantity of yoghurt is mixed in it to form a smooth mixture and your orange fruit pack is ready to be applied.  Orange is a great anti-oxidant and helps in keeping the skin tightened and free from wrinkles.


Natural orange Face cream


Strawberry Face Pack

Strawberry is a great fruit and is widely used in flavoring several edible items. It is used in ice creams, fruit cream, shakes, cakes and pastries and various dessert items. It is a very good source of vitamins and is extremely good for the skin. The face pack can be prepared by making a fine paste of the strawberries in the grinder and mixing it with small amount of honey or cream to make it a little smoother in consistency. This face mask is excellent for regaining the lost glow of the face. It effectively helps in making the skin soft & supple and the honey added in it gives the extra benefits of keeping the skin hydrated.



strawberry face mask


Papaya Face pack

This is an excellent tasting fruit and is very good for the digestive system as it induces proper bowel movement and removes toxic wastes from the body. Papaya is a known anti-oxidant fruit and is very popularly used in fruit facials too as it effective in the skin exfoliation and regeneration process. For this purpose, a ripe papaya is taken and mashed to form a paste and is applied on the skin. After removing it, there is a visible difference in the texture of the skin and there is an added glow on the face. Alternately, raw papaya fruit can also be used but is should be well grinded to get the maximum benefits of it on the skin.


Papaya face mask


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go and grab a fruit, have some slices and save some for using them on the face to get the double benefits of the fruit and achieve the glow of your dreams…! 🙂

Do you use fruit packs for your skin?

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  1. Yummy packs.
    And Ira regarding your question about the efficacy of colgate visible white- I’ve been using it since last 10 days and can see a little brightening. The instructions say to brush thrice a day bt I brush in my usual way-only twice 🙂 I’ve heard that it works and expecting better results

    • yes why not.. only the consistency should be made thick to help in application..add yoghurt or honey and you are good to go with it.. :-))


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