5 Fruits For Beautiful Skin And Hair



5 Fruits For Beautiful Skin And Hair

Glossy hair and glowing skin is every girl’s big dream and a matter of envy for few who do not have such fantastic hair and skin. We apply packs, go for salon treatments and almost strike every possible option to enhance your beauty of skin and hair. But is it all enough????

There is a truth that we all know but have actually forgotten, it is , “We are, What we eat! ” and this truth cannot be in anyway denied.
Have you ever wondered that Applying orange face pack gives you a glow for a day or two, but what if you start to consume orange on a regular basis??? You will have a glowy skin!!!

Similarly there are many fruits that contain a lot of beauty nutrients which are not wholly utilized when applied superficially but can do wonders for your skin and hair when consumed on a regular basis; and not just it, it does a lot more benefits like keeping a check on your waistline, slowing down the ageing process, keeping you hydrated etc etc etc.

Why not ditch those chemical treatments and resort to these power packed fruits for all the numerous benefits!!

Let us know the best five beauty fruits that will help you have a beautiful skin and healthy hair:



banana skin care


Banana, as we all know is a favorite fruit of most athletes and is a powerhouse of energy. But is it all???

Banana is rich in potassium and vitamins A, C and E, all these are ideal for skin and hair. Potassium helps restore dull and damaged hair, while vitamin A restores natural oils of the skin, vitamin E repairs damaged skin & lightens age spots and Vitamin C prevents cell oxidation and wrinkles.

You can simply smash a banana and apply it as a face pack or as a hair pack.



apple for skin care


‘An apple a day keeps the Doctor away’ is a true and old saying. But apple does not only keep your body healthy but also helps in keeping your skin and hair beautiful. They have been used as a beauty aid for ages.

Apart from eating apples you can also add a cup of apple juice to your bath for a well cleansed and smooth skin. Apple juice can also be applied to your scalp to prevent dandruff and adds shine.

Apple is also a good conditioner and toner, and help fight acne.



Home made pineapple face mask-pineapple+skin care tips


Pineapple, often ignored in terms of beauty concerns, makes up for a great beauty fruit. Pineapple is a great skin emollient and help rejuvenate and cleanse skin. Knees, elbows and heels can be softened by rubbing pineapple slices on them. Pineapple hair pack makes hair soft and shinier.



DIY Mint Scalp Mask_Lemon+healthy scalp


Lemons well known for their efficient cleansing properties for hair and skin deserve to be in this list. Regular consumption can help you get rid of toxins from body and enhance the beauty of your skin and hair. Dandruff can be prevented by rubbing lemon on scalp or by using lemon as then final rinse. Rubbing lemon rinds on scars, acne or dark spots, helps heal them. Rubbing lemon slices on rough areas of heels and elbows will soften them.


Peach, the gorgeous shade, the yummy fruit and a boon for dry skins and frizzy hair. Not only are they worth eating because of its yummy taste but are also effective when used as a face pack or hair pack.

Make a pack of blended peach and yogurt, and apply it on face. Wash off with lukewarm water once the pack is dried. This will moisturize your skin and leave it supple & soft.

The same yogurt and peach pack can also be used on hair to have those moisturized, soft tresses.

Which is your favorite fruit among these?

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