5 Funny Things To Do In Chor Bazaar + Vlog


5 Funny Things To Do In Chor Bazaar

Hi peeps,

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Last weekend, Ana and I went to Chor-Bazaar which is situated near Chandni chowk ,Old Delhi. Well, It’s a unique concept in india and it is truly bliss for shopaholics.The history of Chor bazaar is very interesting.Since it is really crowd-y place hence it was known as’ Shor Bazaar’ during British time, later become ‘Chor Bazaar’.It was then when some real stolen stuff started making their way into this market.

We went to all possible stalls out there and found some really interesting reasons that one should visit this bizarre but safe place at least for once 😀

  • Clothes

Omg!!! Really! The variety of collection of different kinds of clothes there really impressed me! Since it is winter season, this market is loaded with variety of winter clothes.

We have seen shawls ,scarfs,sweaters and even long coats and they offers quite good quality at dirt cheap price.they even sell some sweat shirts for Rs.50 rs each ……!!!!! 😀


  • Shoes

It is hub of shoes.When you google chor bazaar,the first pic appears of shoes only.We have seen some really good leather shoes and regular chappals and shoes there.

  • Pet animals and birds

This is my favourite 🙂 I adore pets a lot. At a pet shop, we have seen parrots, guinea pigs and baby rabbits .I cant tell you how much were they cute. But it is really saddening to see them under the cage.


  • Metallic goods

Well, if you have a hobby of collecting old coins then it can be your favourite place to visit.You can find their different kind of coins at good price. we have seen some metallic statues as well.

P.S.- You can even see I-Phone and other different phones their too 😛


  • Household Stuff

If you are a pro at bargaining, then you will get good household stuff here. This market is loaded with different kind of bed sheets , unique show pieces and some other stuff which are really good to make your house look different…but in a good way:P

Thats all about chor bazaar folks, stay tuned for the next V-log …Ciao!!



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