5 Golden Rules Of Having A Healthy Relationship With Your Boyfriend



5 Golden Rules Of Having A Healthy Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Some people come into your life, and you just know that you’ll never be able to replace them if they leave. Being in a relationship is much more than hugging and kissing, the dates, the selfies or showing off. It is about being with someone who makes you happy in a way that no one else can.

Today I’ll be talking about the golden rules that will help you in having a healthy relationship.
I am no love expert and I am just sharing what I have learnt through my relationship. My fiancé and I have been together for 8 years and it’s been such an amazing journey. I know he is definitely the one whom I can annoy and love throughout my life. We both have flaws and we both had to overcome a lot of problems. These years have taught me so much about relationships, myself and about him.




Be real

Don’t ever be embarrassed being yourself in front of that person. Don’t make yourself someone you are absolutely not when you are with him/her. I mean I have seen people acting so differently when they are with their significant others. If she/he makes you feel self-conscious about anything, then he/she isn’t the one for you. Be with someone who brings out the best of you and enhance your own personality. Be real, love and respect yourself and they will love and respect you too.

Trust and respect

These are two support pillars a fantastic relationship must have. Make them feel wanted, feel loved and adored. These are the two easiest things in life to loose and the hardest things to get back. A real relationship is when you can trust and respect each other and to be honest whatever the conditions.

Understand and communicate

“Behind the need to communicate, there is a need to share. Behind the need to share, is a need to be understood.”

Understand each other, understand your differences. Individual space is very important. You got to have other hobbies than just being romantic. Give him some “he” time and give yourself some “you” time as well. Go out with your friends; spend time outside with and also without each other.

Communicate; a lot of problems will disappear if we talk to each other than about each other.

Be cautious with your words

Don’t ever mix bad mood with bad words. You’ll have the chance to change your bad mood, but you’ll never get a chance to change or replace the words to have said, once the words are spoken, they can’t be taken back.

Love unconditionally

Last, but definitely not the least is to love unconditionally. I have seen couples where mere fights lead to breakups. If you guys love each other unconditionally regardless of the fights, regardless of the pasts, regardless of people spreading rumors, if you guys still trust each other and love each other, no force on earth can pull you two apart. So, love unconditionally.

It all starts from the very beginning, the moment that person comes into your life. Maybe you were afraid of taking the step, but with patience and time, trust will develop and love will deepen. Communicate, be unpredictable, and be giving with no assumption of receiving anything back, because when he/she is good, overtime, the good will happen to you too which will bring whole new colors to your life. Don’t forget to keep it fair, because with strong foundation you don’t have to worry about cheating and arguing on petty issues.

A healthy balance of trust, comfort, understanding, love, honesty and respect is the key to a healthy relationship. As simple as that.

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