5 Great Body Butters


5 Great Body Butters – This is the season of skin-pampering. More is less so we need high moisture. Body butters are a great way to moisturise the skin. Some great body butters have been reviewed on Wiseshe and I’m giving the top five here-

The Body Shop Body Butter Duo Macadamia - Price- INR 880/-You can buy from here

It is a twin pack containing two creams of different consistencies. Our author Chandni loves it for its feel and fragrance.


sensitive skin care


The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter Price- INR 995/-

Sahiba says that it is great for dry skin and has a pleasant smell. It makes the skin glow and keeps it fresh.


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The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body ButterPrice- INR 995/-

This thick butter has a peach-y smell. It moisturises skin without making it greasy. This is a limited edition so grab it.

unscented body butter2


Fruttini Peach Pear Body ButterPrice- INR 1500/-

It is a favourite of our writer Madhubani. It keeps skin soft and imparts a long lasting fragrance. This body butter helps in healing chapped skin as well.


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Fruttini Cranberry Choc Body ButterPrice- INR 2125/-

This expensive body butter has a very tempting smell. It can be used in every season and keeps skin yummy like its name. Anamika is in love with this one and recommends it highly

cranberry  body butters








  1. Cranberry Choc Body Butter is always OOS here in Kolkata… 🙁
    Fruttini body butters are really nice… one of the best winter skin saviours…


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