4 Great Hair Straightener Reivews


We receive lot of facebook request asking for hair straightener or multi styler which one can buy.I am personally   a fan of Remington and my next purchase will definitely be GHD which is little on the higher side.You can check out below reviews as well as per yor requirement and budget  🙂


Remington S6500 Hair Straightener Review

Price – 5699 .It is available at 24% discount on flipkart here

This hair straightner comes with a DVD  which is a must watch. It has video tutorials by an expert which tells you how to do curls and after watching it – using it becomes super easy. After 2-3 trials I was easily able to curl my hair and hair straightening is something which I have been doing since long so I didn’t face any problem as such .

Changeable Heat Settings:-

It has ceramic plates and gets heated up with in 10 seconds only and the temperature range is of 150 to 230 degree C.For daily straightening of hair I stick to 190 to 200 degree C but when I am curling my hair I use 230.

Time In Straightening:-

It takes me about maximum of 10 minutes in going over each section to get those pin straight hair which stay for 2-3 days easily. My hair are wavy therefore don’t need much of effort in straightening but if you have curly hair then it might take you upto 15-20 minutes.

Warranty  & Other Benefits:-

It comes with a three years warranty and is a sturdy and travel friendly product which won’t take much of your space .It glides down easily with no problems what so ever and adds shine to my hair making them look longer and stylish.


Best hair straightener India


Rowenta Styling Curling Iron Review


Price – $75.You can get it online.


  • Everything comes in one nice cure bag Smile
  • Ceramic technology so minimum damage
  • Very easy to do on self
  • Takes only 2-3 min for getting hot
  • Comes with 3 yrs warranty


  • the straightener iron are large in size and little heavy and if I use it for long time my hand stars paining.


Best hair straightening products styler India


Philips Salon Straight Active Ion Straightener Review


Price – You can buy it from here

I rarely open up my hair as they are too frizzy to carry off. So whenever I have to go somewhere I have to either get a hair do from the salon or I straighten them up. The moment I plug it and turn it on, it heats up at a maximum speed in less than a minute. I do not have to wait for another ten minutes to start my work. i usually apply a hair serum before using it to protect my hair from the direct heat.

Straightening can be started layer by layer. I keep a section of hair in between the flat plates and slowly slowly start moving the straightener downwards. And the job is done with one to two repetitions. SmileThe claim of shine, please check it in the image below and see it yourself.

best philip hair straightener india review




Philips Multi-styler Salon Stylist Review

  • Price : Rs.1995/- I bought it from  here


Well my sis bought it impulsively when she saw this one, and handed this over to me. Being a curious person I was so excited that with this one styler I can style my hairs easily. To some extent it its true, but on the other hand I’m not so patient while using electronics like these Grinuh: .It claims to provide following hairstyles :-
• Large curls (with large curling attachment)
• Ringlets/waves (with Large curling attachment and slide-on spiral)
• Crimps (with crimping/straightening and crimping/straightening plates with the curved sides pointing towards each other)
• Straight sleek style with flicks (with crimping/straightening attachment and its plates with the flat sides pointing towards each other)

Now the whole thing comes with total 3 attachments (with their respective use)
1) Straightener/crimper :-
The straightener and crimper are the plates with each of them on the opposite side of each other. You can easily change the plates from the crimper side to the straightner side. It says that it has ceramic plates, and Ceramic is microscopically smooth and durable by nature and it is one the best materials for straightening plates. The plates glide effortlessly through your hair, giving you perfect shiny hair.


Philips multityler hair straigtening products India

Whats your favourite Hair Straightener ?






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