5 Great Tips To Avoid Clumpy Eyelashes


Clumpy eyelashes can be quite a sore to the eye. It could look like a bad patch on a perfect makeup. It may look like a chunk or a blob of black on the eye and detailing could go down the drain. It can draw a lot of attention on the eye and obviously for wrong reasons. Here are few celebs sporting clumpy eyelashes.

avoid clumpy eyelashes_celebrities


Here is how I avoid getting clumpy lashes on me.

1. Use an eyelash comb before the mascara application. There are many available in the market. The first one is easily available. They separate the eyelashes beautifully and ready for mascara application.


avoid clumpy eyelashes_eyelash comb


2. Pick the right mascara formula for you.  – A light formula will not clump the eyelashes. If the mascara is too thin then there are chances of it smearing and getting runny on the yes if now dried well or on quick blinking immediately after application. Also if the mascara is very thick and lumpy it may spoil your makeup by making the lashes clumpy. I use a Loreal Volume Million for the long curly lashes and Sephora Outrageous Volume Mascara for thick, black lashes.


avoid clumpy eyelashes_masacara formula


3. Use an eyelash curler as a rule while you play to wear Mascara. It goes a long way. It not only creates an illusion for longer lashes but also lashes if curled well it forms a perfect angle for mascara application.



avoid clumpy eyelashes_eyelash curler

4. DO NOT wiggle the mascara brush horizontally. Most mascaras have glue like properties to hold the curl. On horizontal movement the lashes stick to each other. The direction has to be vertical only. The lashes have to be clump free from the root to the tip, wiggling at the root starts clumping the lashes from the root level. Making it difficult to separate them later.

5. Use the tip of the mascara brush, to apply the mascara vertically. This way you can apply mascara on each lash and work from root to tip. It separates, lengthens and curls each lash. I know Loreal who has this Telescopic Explosion. Not sure if available in India. And here are the various types of brushes available.


avoid clumpy eyelashes_mascara brush


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    • Tnx Vini…. m waiting for this loreal brush too Its a fad among celeb make up artist these days. For mere simplicity of use.

  1. ur lashes luks gorgeous nw we knw d secret 😀 i luv buorjois mascara..it gives me nice falsies kinda a lashes…very helpful tips avanti :-))

  2. I keep tellin myself ill get the volume million wala…hav bin tellin myself since d past yr..but then somethin else comes up n catches my eye.. 🙁


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