5 Hair Accessories For Upcoming Fall


5 Hair Accessories For Upcoming Fall

Winter means strong winds, bone-chilling temperature and dreary, cold gray days. Yes, winter bites, but doesn’t mean you would compromise with looking glamorous.

So today we will be discussing about 5 hair accessories for the winter that can help you stay warm in style. Have a look J

Beret and beanies

beanie for fall

Smart combination of function and style. Winter is incomplete without the soft, cashmere berets and warm, cozy beanies adorning your head. The classic choices of winter, they not only keep you warm and protect your hair from chilly wind, but also raise your glamour quotient. Available in varied colors, shapes and patterns, berets and beanies are your go to option whenever you want to protect yourself and also look chic. They are elasticized for a comfortable fit.


scarves for winters

How many times have your mother asked you to tie the scarf around your head just the way little red riding hood used to tie? It is a sure shot way to avoid the cold, but we hated it, at least I did. But do you know that you can get into a really fashionable avatar in winter with these scarves. They are not only fashionable, but keep your hair under control and protected from those wild winter winds. Scarves keep your ears covered, hair off your face and will give your hairstyle some fun makeover. Scarves will also keep your ears covered. I suggest picking a scarf that compliments your outfit.


headbands for winters

The small and cool forms of the elastic headbands can be your catchiest and cutest alternatives for scarves. Like scarves, these too can protect you from cold and as well as give an uber classy look. This look will take years off your age. You can wear a band and tie up your hair in different hairstyles like ponies, braids or buns. You can also keep your hair open if you want.


hats for winters

Make heads turn with super stylish felt hats. It is the best way to keep oneself warm while also protecting hair strands from the harsh winter air. For winter I would suggest you to go for single solid colors instead of prints. Make sure the color or pattern (if you are choosing any) compliments your winter outfits. You can go for hats with wide brims if the place you are living in is really cold with excessive strong cool winds. Be it a short brimmed cloche or a medium brimmed trilby or wide brimmed fedoras, winter and hats have a really strong relationship.

Barrettes and pins

hair pin accessories

Spice up your hairstyles with the pins, various barrettes and brooches by attaching them to the sides of your hair. My favorite look is attaching a brooch to the sides of my messy hair. You can create an array of looks with pins and brooches. Give your boring long hair a faux bob makeover or tie your second day washed hair into a messy side swept bun and clip on. I love to match my messy hair with the single pins attached to one side of the hair and create quite interesting side swept elements. They look super chic and give me a completely glam look in seconds. And yes, by doing these my ears are protected, I feel warm and my hair feels safe too.

So when are you hitting the store to buy your favorite winter hair accessory!

Have you got any of these hair accessories for the upcoming Fall?

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