5 Homemade Hair Care Packs


5 Homemade Hair Care Packs


Almost everybody uses hair colours and other hair treatments like straightening today. Even the shampoos and conditioners are loaded with chemicals. The remaining damage to our hair is done by the ever increasing pollution. There are some great homemade hair packs that can rescue your hair from dullness and damage-

Home made hair mask for damaged and hard hair


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This hair mask suits almost all hair types and shows brilliant results. It helps in bringing back the lost shine or in transforming dull, damaged hair into silky and free from any hair problem. Though gram flour and curd has been used by many since long but adding cucumber, beetroot makes the pack nutritious for hair. All these fruits and vegetables act as toner and moisturize the hair which brings back the lost shine. The result of this hair pack is best if no shampoo is used after using it or you can use a mild shampoo. You can use this hair mask twice a week.

Hair Mask With Olive Oil And Honey


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Olive oil and honey are a great way to boost the shine and moisture level of hair. One just needs two ingredients and half an hour of time to get back the lost shine. Just use it once and you will notice nice shine in your hair and hair become soft too. To maintain good health and shine use this pack once in a week or two.

Banana hair pack


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A rich source of potassium , vitamin C and Vitamin B, banana protects our hair from damage. Banana hair mask is quiet beneficial for those who travel outside and are exposed to dirt, pollution and various environmental toxins every day. The pack also prevents split ends and is excellent in curing dandruff and of course moisturizing your scalp and making your hair soft. This mask can be used twice a week for best results.

Coconut Milk And Lemon Juice For Natural Straight Hair


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This pack adds shine to hair, makes hair dandruff and frizz free and will make them look straight. As this is a natural straightener therefore it will give your hair a natural relaxed look in the long run. Coconut deeply moisturizes hair and relaxes it. Lemon makes your hair shiny.

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment For Dry & Frizzy Hair


hair pack for dry hair


Mayonnaise has eggs and oil which gives shine to hair, makes them strong and adds extra protective layer of moisture. It can be used as many times as one want as its free from any kind of chemical. This pack particularly suits dry and damaged hair. You can use this pack when ever your hair feel dry, frizzy or moisture less. After using it, your hair will turn very soft and smooth.

Which is your favorite homemade hair care pack?

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