5 Hair Packs For Improving Hair Growth


5 Hair Packs For Improving Hair Growth

Long gorgeous tresses are every woman’s big time desire. Well short hair too are very trendy but the charm and elegance of long hair is undeniable.

Few ladies our blessed with good hair growth and their hair grows like weed, well it is their proper diet and care, but not all have such phenomenal hair growth. Just fancying for those long tresses will not do much for you but just to make you envy. Why not get into action and do something to boost your hair growth.

Watch your diet, take proper care of your hair and do not skip the quarterly trimmings of hair in an urge to grow them. Damaged long hair are nobody’s dream and you too should not miss hair trimming sessions to keep your hair healthy looking.

Remember the moments when you just get hair cut and within a week you start missing those long tresses or rather should I say start repenting for the hair cut. There onwards the job of growing the hair long begins. We try on everything, hair massages, hair packs, multi vitamins, while some show results but few of them fail too.


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Today I shall share some very effective hair packs DIYs that will definitely help boost your hair growth, Read on.

 Egg Mask

Egg mask home remedy is one very popular home remedy for enhancing hair growth and is followed since ages. Egg contains high levels of proteins which help in the formation of new hair and it is also rich in sulphur, zinc, iron, selenium, phosphorous and iodine which affect the overall health of hair.


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To make an egg hair mask, take one egg whites and add 1 teaspoon each of olive oil & honey to it. Mix all the ingredients very well to make a smooth paste. Apply this mask all over hair & scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse off with cool water and follow up with a mild shampoo.
You can leave the mask on for even 60 minutes if you have time.

Fenugreek & Amla Hair Pack


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This hair pack is quite popular especially in Asian households. Both Fenugreek and Amla (Indian gooseberry) are laden with nutrients needed for healthy hair. They help accelerate hair growth and protects the natural color of the hair.

To make a Fenugreek and Amla hair pack, make a powder of slightly roasted fenugreek seeds and store in a jar. Now soak 1 cup of amla powder with 1 cup of amla powder in lukewarm water and leave overnight. Apply the hair pack and leave it for 20-30 minutes and rinse off. Follow up with a mild shampoo.

Henna Pack


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Henna is very well known for its amazing natural conditioning properties. Henna is also good for hair growth. Henna transforms dull and dry hair to smooth & shiny hair and also adds color. It strengthens the roots of the hair and promotes hair growth.

Make a henna hair pack by mixing a cup of dry henna powder with half a cup of yoghurt. Apply this pack all over hair and scalp and leave the pack until it is dry. Wash off with a mild shampoo.

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Green Tea Pack

We have known Green Tea for its tremendous benefits but a little is known about it properties to benefit hair growth. Green tea is rich in antioxidants; these antioxidants prevent hair loss and also boost hair growth. Next time when you drink the green tea do not dump the green tea bags. Empty the green tea bag’s contents and grind them. Now mix the ground green tea with some yogurt to form a paste. Apply this mask all over hair and leave for 30 minutes rinse off.

You can also use this mask even as a face mask.

Hibiscus Flower Pack


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How about some flowery treatment for your hair? Hibiscus is popularly said to be the “flower of hair care.” Hibiscus flower is used for curing dandruff and enhancing hair growth; it also thickens the hair and prevents pre-mature ageing. The hibiscus hair mask with so many benefits will definitely prove to be a wonder hair mask.

Make a paste of the hibiscus flower and add few drops of coconut oil or sesame oil to bring the paste to the right consistency. Apply it on hair and scalp and leave for half an hour. Rinse off with cool water and follow up with a mild shampoo.

These were some great hair pack DIYs recipes to promote hair growth. Try them and see your hair growing long. Since these DIYs uses only natural ingredients, always remember regular usage and patience will yield great results.

Which among these homemade hair packs will you be trying soon?

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