5 Hairstyles Every Woman Has Tried In Her Life!


5 Hairstyles Every Woman Has Tried In Her Life!

Ever wondered there could be some hairstyles everyone has tried and are common to everyone! I was just looking at some hairstyles, we last posted on the blog and saw that almost all posts had these hairstyles in common and the most interesting thing to note was that these were posts from different years! This is not because we believe in repeating the stuff, but because these hairstyles are still preferred and are in trend and so we stress them to be part of our lives too. After all, it is all about being Na isn’t?

I am penning the hairstyles down here, see for yourself!

Messy Bun/ Braid Bun

messy hair braids tutorial

Whether for a party or even at home, don’t we do a messy bun when we are not going anywhere! It is in fact, a very common hairstyle that has been part of our lives when we saw our mothers completely lost in work, putting on a messy bun. Now that it is more of a trend and is used outwards, it is just common to every woman. I remember my teachers also clutching the hair sometimes with a pencil or a pen in the middle of a lecture into a messy bun which would look stylish and clumsy both at the same time. I am sure you are now recollecting where you have seen it too, apart from yourself!

Half Pony

Rimmel Moisture Renew Crystal Mauve FOTD

This is another style which is common to everyone! Whether you have short or long hair, I am sure you would have tried this hairstyle. A common yet trendy hairstyle that has followed us since the school time and is still going strong!

I remember seeing my classmates have that half tied hair and I also started following suit. Though the hair length would vary, but the feel stayed that we were sharing the same hairstyle. And this hairstyle is not only worn by ladies but by little girls too 😀


milani coral cove powder blush fotd

Kind of common to everyone again, we have all tried this once in life and we are all still fond of them as part of various hairstyles, isn’t it? I have seen it transmit from my grandmother to mother to me and hopefully shall go ahead also. Seen as an Indian hairstyle, it is quite popular amongst foreigners also.


Loreal Pure Reds Collection PURE ROUGE FOTD

A simple or a high pony tail is something I am sure we have all had at some point in life. It is the simplest of hairstyles that we could do ourselves once we knew and learnt how to dress up being a girl, agreed? I am sure you would! This would go well with any dress or age or face type and even the hair type. The choice has always been between side pony, falling pony and high pony.

Open Hair

MAC Vintage Selection FOTD

This is another common hairstyle which we have tried in our lives for sure. In every marriage or any occasion, you would find people sporting an open hair style which can never go wrong and is kind of universally accepted. I have been doing this at functions and even at school do’s which then meant something new as school meant strict discipline and always tied hair was the norm.

I hope you agree, it is strange, we don’t know people but how we imbibe the style of dressing or the hairstyles from other people we see and soon it becomes a fashion or a style statement.

So which of these hairstyles are on your list now?

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