5 Hairstyles For Chubby Faces


5 Hairstyles For Chubby Faces


Today I’m here to suggest some flattering hairstyles for round, fat or chubby faces. It is not necessary that a person with a fat face has to have a fat body also. Many times the face is heavier and the wrong hairstyle can make the matters worse. So if you have a chubby face but want it to look thinner, try these tips-



hairstyles for chubby face

Layers flatter every face shape with just a little tweaking. If you have round face, layers will work for you too. The ideal layer-length for chubby faces is to start from the line of cheekbone. It will highlight your bones. The layers that start from chin make hair look voluminous but slim down your face.

The Side Parting


hairstyles for round face

It is best for round faces to have a side-part. Centre parts make face look fatter. Sweep your hair to one side to add definition to your cheekbones. You can also try asymmetrical parting to play up your bone structure.



hairstyles for fat faces

DO NOT get short and blunt bangs. They will make your face look heavier. Always opt for wispy bangs that graze eyebrow in the middle and are longer on the sides. This will create the impression of a longer, slimmer face. bangs can be styled in many different ways but the focus should be on covering the jawbone and bringing attention to your forehead.

Asymmetrical Bob


hairstyles for fat round face

Even though round faces are not advised to go for short hair, you can sport asymmetrical bob if you love short hair. This hair cut is shorter at the back, just till the nape of your neck. On front, you should opt for the length that falls 2-3 inches below your chin. This style will elongate your face and neck, giving you a slimmer look.

Waves and curls


hairstyles for round shaped face

Don’t keep your hair straight. Poker straight hair look unflattering on round face. Curl your hair or just get some waves. Again the rule is to not have volume around face. The curls and waves should start where your chin ends. This way your face will look balanced and slim.

The idea for round, chubby faces is to distract attention from the heavier sides of face. No heavy face framing, no super-short and no long-straight hair. We know that a good haircut can change your look. So use this in the favour of your face and look trendy and gorgeous.

Do you have more ideas of hairstyles for chubby faces?

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  1. Hehe I can so very well relate to this.. 😉 always had atleast one of the hairstyles mentioned above 🙂 Authentic compilation Maitri 😉

  2. Now i have come to know why i look good with open hair rather than with wearing up my hair into some tied style….coz i have a chubby face!!!!

  3. I do have a slightly chubby face 😀 , I love layers and side parting most, but I am yet to experiment with bangs, def going to do that soon :))


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