5 Hairstyles For Wet Hair


5 Hairstyles For Wet Hair

We often run into this problem the day we wash our hair that we do not have time to entangle or to run a comb through wet hair while getting ready for office. Well, I face this too often and since I wash my hair every alternate day, I am habitual or rather I should say people are habitual of seeing my uncombed self a lot.

I have to rush and when there is no time, it is only the combing I sacrifice. Though I manage a bit of Kohl and lip gloss, I intend to comb my hair once I reach office or sometimes leave it like it is. But I must admit, it looks quite weird if the hair is just left as it is straight from the shower.

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But what could be done here, made me research a bit and I could find similar women who face same issues and are unable to comb their hair every day. So what do they do? Well they make some sort of a style from their wet hair and carry it to work with confidence. Wish I could do that, is that what you are thinking? Well look at the hairstyles and you surely can do them!

Loose buns

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These never go out of style! People often wet their hair to style this way, so I guess you are better off with wet hair! Try this hairstyle. Just comb your hair back into a low ponytail at one side of your neck. Now twist it till complete and finally wrap it around in a low loose bun.

Wet Chignons

bun-style chignun

You may also go for a wet chignon which is nothing but a roughly tied up knotty bun at the bottom of your hair. Just follow the instructions as in the above loose buns except for the end; just tie it with some pin or a clip to give it a rough appearance.

Side Braid

Side-Swept Twisted Braid

You can also go for a side braid, fish tail or plain. Comb your hair and de-tangle them. Using your fingers to part your hair might be preferred as it would give you a messy look. Just do braiding, simple or French, as per your choice until your hair length ends and then tie them at the end using a simple rubber. You are done!

Simple Bun

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A simple tightly made bun also gives a hip look. If you want to wear formals to office, you may wear this hairstyle as it looks simply elegant and formal. It suits wet hair the most actually.

High ponytail

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You could also go for a high pony tail which looks chic on wet hair. With no hair falling apart on your scalp and shaped hair falling off the tail, it looks very pretty and elegant.

Curly hair

Conair Infiniti Curling Iron fotd curls

If you have curly hair, you are made for wet hair I must say. Just gel your wet hair using a hair gel or serum and let them sway to look wet all day! Leave them as it is as they do not even require combing to be a style! Sometimes I feel lucky for having curls

Hope these styles help you in dressing up for office even with wet hair. I am going to be happier if you share your pictures with wet hair.

Have you tried any of these hairstyles on wet hair?

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