5 Hairstyles To Sport This Wedding Season


5 Hairstyles to sport this Wedding Season-

This season is on its glorious edge of celebrations of the coming year and also the start of the wedding extravaganza. The couples who are getting hitched this season must have decided their looks in advance.

So what are you up to?? Any close friend getting married? Well, if yes then there are wide chances that you will be stealing the show with your sheer presence. This post brings forth the top hairstyles you can sport in the coming wedding season.

The Side-Swept Chignon Hairstyle-


side braided hairstyle

This is most ancient hair style but still scores top marks when it comes to gorgeous hairstyles which compliment your look on a festive occasion or weddings.

Chignon simply means a roll or knot of hair which is worn at the back of head particularly the nape of a woman.

The side –swept chignon hairstyle is the recent twist of the old style and is the most raved hairstyle to sport in weddings, as it can be reinvented using one’s own creative ideas and the use of accessories like flowers, embellishments, headband, tiara etc.

The Half-up hairstyle-


half up hairstyle


This is the trendiest hairstyles in fashion and compliments all types of face shapes perfectly. This is one hairstyle which looks equally good on wavy as well as iron straight hair. You can easily sport this style if you don’t want to indulge in a hair-up do and maintain your natural look.

The use of good hair styling products like serum or de-tangling sprays will add a perfect finish to the hairstyle. This hairstyle will reflect your features perfectly. The half-up hairstyle can be made attractive by using accessories like maang tikaa or headband. It will enhance the look by certain degrees and will let your appearance speak amidst all the ongoing rituals.

The Side Braided hair-


side braided hairstyle

Another great hairstyle to sport this wedding season is the Side braided one. This hairstyle goes very well with long hair and can also be done on short hair, using some imagination and creativity. This hairstyle looks clean and pretty, which is very well suited for the heavy attire you have selected for the wedding. This hairstyle can be combined with ribbons, flowers, beads etc. Just leave a few strands loose or curl them using a curler and hair serum and it will look great.

There are a few popular types of braids like French braid, 4 strand braids, fish tail braids, criss-cross braids which you can sport according to your choice.


The Side Pony tail Hairstyle-


side ponytail hairstyle


This is one of the best hairstyles which is easy to do and looks equally good as any other hair up do. This is also unique as it attracts others on the real texture of your hair. So just put some hair serum like Livon which will manage your tresses and will make them soft & shiny and you can easily adorn this hairstyle without any hesitation.

This hairstyle exposes your back portion so that your attire’s back design is also visible and doesn’t get lost in your hairs.

The side pony tail can be accessorized with flowers or some embellished jewel pieces .This hairstyle looks great with halter back dresses & deep back blouses.

Half-up with front twist Hairstyle-


half up front twist hairstyle


This hairstyle is a personal favorite one and looks very girly & casual but is in trend this season. The hair is parted sideways equally or half way as per your choice and few strands from the front are twisted and tucked at the back. It can be twisted on either of the sides or both of them, as you like it.

Ideally, wavy hairs will be best suited for this hairstyle. You can use a hair potion to keep the rest of the hairs in place. The hair serum will make the rest of the strands silky smooth and free from tangles.

This hairstyle maintains your natural look while nothing looks made up and reflects a visible cuteness to the face… 🙂

Normally, all these hairstyles are very easy to do and do not require a huge set of hairstyling products. In my opinion an ideal hair serum Like Livon Silky Potion will be sufficient for making these hairstyles at your own ease.


livon for hair styling



These hairstyles require silky soft hairs so that loose strands of hair don’t flow out here and there. The hair potion will make the hair strands very manageable and will let you sport all of the above hairstyles without any fear of fly-outs. These hair styles doesn’t look good on rough, frizzy hairs so it is better to use a hair serum which will instantly smoothen the frizzy hair strands and make the styling quite easy…

Which one of the above hairstyle you would like to try?

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  1. I love side braid one and thanks for posting this. my cousin’s wedding is near by shall try all of them one after the other 😀


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