5 Home Grown Plants And Their Extensive Uses For Skin & Hair


5 Home Grown Plants And Their Extensive Uses For Skin & Hair

How many of you enjoy gardening at home in your own little cute balcony or terrace? Well, I surely do but after we had a pet at home, we had to do away with some beautiful flowers & herbs and currently we are able to have only 2-3 plants at our house! Well, if you too love to grow your own plants and use it for cooking or any home remedy, this post on 5 Home Grown Plants And Their Extensive Uses For Skin & Hair will surely be of immense help!

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Here I have listed five easy to grow plants which are easy to grow in your apartment balcony or a house. They don’t occupy much of the space and are some great plants.


In Hindu mythology, Tulsi plant is worshiped as goddess and also believed to bring peace & prosperity in the house which has it. So you will find a Tulsi plant in every house who follow Hinduism! Tulsi is a great medicinal herb and is extensively used in Ayurveda as an aid to treat infections, common cold & cough etc.

natural face mask tulsi

Tulsi purifies the skin and provides relief in case of acne/ breakouts! It is also a great immunity booster plant and its seeds give an instant energy to the body!

Its leaves are used to drink in tea to treat cold, cough & congestion and also save the body from seasonal variations!

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

One of the most effective ingredient used for the skin & hair these days is Aloe Vera gel and it can be easily grown in a small earthen pot and can be used fresh whenever you need! Aloe Vera is a great plant to have in your home. Besides that it is very hydrating and gentle for the skin. Its anti-biotic property heals the skin just like a magic drug minus the chemicals!

aloe vera mask

Aloe vera gel is also used in hair care to give an intensive nourishment to dry scalp. It keeps the hair soft & silky without using the chemical based hair products as they do more harm than good.

aloe vera uses

A lot of face pack recipes are made with aloe vera gel. This plant should be on the top of the list of plants to have at your home garden!

Also checkout this Homemade Oil For Stretch Marks & Scars with Aloe Vera Gel


Mint or pudina, as it popularly known, is also easily grown in a flower pot and also doesn’t require much care. You can easily use it for cooking purposes and for chutney, dips to keep the body cool!

peppermint tea benefits

Mint can be also used to prepare the cult favorite summer drink Vigin Mojito with the crushed mint leaves for a flavor!

DIY Mint Scalp Mask_paste+scalp conditions

Apart from that, it finds it use on the skin to treat pimples & breakouts which are also very common during the summers. You can also apply it as a hair mask to get rid of scalp infections. You can simply keep the scalp cool & reduce scalp itching due to product built-up!


Hibiscus is a cult favorite flower plant to have at your home! I remember picking up flowers from the huge hibiscus plant for Puja for my grandmother! Well, not only that it is also very good because hibiscus flower is actually very good for the scalp & hair and helps in hair growth!

It acts as a hair conditioning ingredient making the hair soft and less prone to breakage! It is also very easy to grow at home. Just collect the hibiscus flowers to make a gel based hair conditioner at home!



Henna is yet another plant which you can grow at your place in a flower pot. The henna leaves are used to naturally give a unique hair color to the premature grey hair strands.

Besides that, henna hair pack is used to treat the damaged & dull hair to get a healthy shine. It also cools the scalp and acts as a hair conditioning ingredient!

Henna and Aloevera Pack for Damaged Hair_ingredients+home made hair treatment

Henna plant is also useful if you love to apply mehndi on your hands. If you hate the dyed black henna cones available the natural henna is the best.

You can make your own mehndi cone at home by crushing henna leaves and making a paste. This natural paste doesn’t cause any skin irritation.

Well, these were 5 Home Grown Plants And Their Extensive Uses For Skin & Hair. These are easily grown plants so you too can have them at your cute little balcony and enjoy some homemade face & hair masks easily without spending a penny! 🙂

Do you have any of these plants at home?


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