5 Homemade Foot Scrub Recipes


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Foot pampering is a must this monsoon with so much mud around us taking a toll on our feet health. And going for a pedicure is a sheer waste of money this season! So why not make your own foot scrub at home and do a little pampering in your own comfort zone? Listing 5 DIY Homemade Foot Scrubs. 🙂

5 Homemade Foot Scrub Recipes

Brown Sugar And Olive Oil: Brown Sugar and Olive Oil is one of the most popular homemade scrub recipes that we can find. You can mix normal crushed sugar too but brown sugar just works better. Olive oil moisturises skin and relieves from dry feet issues.

tea tree oil

Mint and Tea Tree: Tea Tree oil is one of the best for removing any infection in your feet and combining that effect with crushed mint leaves just accelerates the effect. The combination soothes your feet, makes them beautiful and fresh.

Lemon Juice and Tea: Take some normal tea leaves and crush them. Add lemon juice to it and make a paste out of it. Then apply all over your feet. The natural antioxidants present in tea will work with the bleaching properties of lemon to make skin glowing and even.

Camphor And Honey: If you are suffering from smelly feet and need something really natural to get rid of it then you must try this foot scrub. Camphor is known to cure bad odours of feet and honey will nourish feet from within. So you will be left with soft and odourless feet.

Rice Flour and Yoghurt: Rice Flour is one of the best anti-tanning agents which help to prevent tanning from our feet and mixing it with yoghurt helps to get back the lost moisture from it. Yoghurt also helps to even out the skin tone and so mixing both and applying as a foot scrub will help to get back the original colour of your feet.


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