5 Hot Bite Beauty High Pigment Lips Pencils


5 Hot Bite Beauty High Pigment Lips Pencils

Hello Everyone,

Recently, I was scrolling down to find some lip pencil reviews when I stumbled upon the amazing Bite Beauty Lip pencils which Rashmi had covered a while ago and shared some really stunning shades with all of us here!

So, I compiled this post on the top 5 favorite and most hot looking lip pencils! Have a look and see for yourself! 🙂

Beauty High Pigment Lips Pencil Meritage

-beauty-pencil meritage

Size- 0.09 oz ( this is .05 oz / 1.48 gm ),

Price- $ 24 + TAX, Available at SEPHORA US

Shade- Bite Beauty Meritage is described as a Brick Red shade on the official Sephora website and trust me , the shade is nowhere near Red leave aside BRICK! In fact, it is a pinkish brown shade with warm plum undertones to it on my NC 37-40 skin tone. The shade is very flattering if you like subtle shades for daily wear .

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil Madeira


Price- $ 24 plus Tax, Available at SEPHORA USA

Size- 0.09 oz (this is .05 oz / 1.48 gm),

Shade: Bite Beauty high pigment pencil in MADEIRA is very pale beige nude shade on my warm olive skin tone and trust me , this is the first time am reviewing a shade like this here , they are totally out of my comfort zone.


Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil Cranberry


Size- 4 gm,

Price- $ 24 plus tax, Available at SEPHORA USA

Shade- Cranberry is described as Deep Red, it is cool toned bright reddish maroon shade with super glossy satiny sheen to it. You have seen review of Pomegranate, Rhubarb, Quince previously and here is Cranberry for you and am sure you will love this as much as you appreciated others; they are stunning apart from one non-transferable nature.


Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil Pomegranate

-beauty-lip-pencil POMEGRANATE REVIEW

Size- 0.09 oz ( this is .05 oz / 1.48 gm ),

Price- $ 24 + TAX, Available at SEPHORA (USA)

Shade- Pomegranate is described as Rich Red, it is warm toned bright cherry red shade, there is no shimmer but it has enough satiny sheen which makes my look lush and rich , in description it says matte but to me it is more satiny rather than flat matte.


Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil in Quince

high-pigment-pencil QUINCE

Size- 0.09 oz ( this is .05 oz / 1.48 gm ),

Price- $ 24 + TAX, Available at SEPHORA (USA)

Shade-  Quince is described as Rose Berry, it is a bright Raspberry Pink Red shade with cool tones & with no shimmer or glitter, there is slight bit of sheen which fades off and then you get saturated matte lips. The colour is very flattering and you don’t need to work hard on eyes or cheeks as the colour is very much attention seeker. The color will work on all skin tones easily and will brighten up any pale skin

LIP PENCILquinch-lips

So, which one of these do you like the most?

Have you tried any of these Lip pencils from Bite Beauty?

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