5 Hot Hairstyles For College Girls


5 Hot Hairstyles for College Girls


Those were the days….for me. My graduate-college memories are closest to my heart when it comes to a comparison between various schools and colleges. After all I was just out of school and free to wear anything and sport any hairstyle. It is true for every college girl and everyone wants to look special. Trends come and go but there is nothing more trendy than a hairstyle that makes you look and feel good. I’ve selected five hairstyles that can be sported by every girl regardless of face shape. Take a look, tweak them as per your choice and sport a new look.

Emo Hairstyles

These are big hits among college goers. Emo haircuts are more like self-expression. You can Experiment with textures and colours when opting for an Emo. Dark Indian hair make a great base for sporting the hot highlighted-emo.


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Ponytails are always IN. But obviously you should be a little creative to not look a part of crowd. You can make side, messy or textured pony. And also you can try this look with or without bangs to look completely cool.


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Messy Buns

There are innumerable ways to do a messy bun. You can make it at the back or on top of head. You can also sport a side messy bun or chignon. Moreover you can keep your hair out of your face or can couple your bun with fringes.


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Choppy layers

This again is a way to come across as a girl with ‘devil may care’ attitude. Lots of layers done nicely with some choppy bangs suit different face shapes. You can go straight or curly. This haircut looks amazing even if you try a half up-half down hairdo.


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You are in college to make waves, so start with your hair. If your hair is naturally wavy, nothing like that! If you have straight hair, go wavy with a good blow-dry or styling equipment.


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Would you like to try these hairstyles?

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  1. I was always used to make messy buns in college..but it was more out of need..subah Uth ke bhagoo..no time for hair style..:P thankyou god for giving me wavy hair..:D


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