5 Indian Wedding Day Hairstyles


5 Indian Wedding Day Hairstyles


A good hairstyle is really important for a bride. The many options available end up confusing you many times. And what if you don’t get the time to get a look-test? The last minute hair-styling may not turn out as per your liking. That is why it is essential to pick some hairstyles in advance and use them for reference on your D-day.

Here are some beautiful bridal hairstyles that cannot go wrong-

The Classic Braid


indian wedding hairstyles

If you want to flaunt your long hair, nothing can be better than an elaborately adorned braid. You can decorate your braid with various styles of jewellery pieces available. For a soft look, you can replace hair accessories with flowers and use them to cover your braid from top to bottom.

You can use hair extensions obviously if you don’t have long hair.

The Pompadour


best indian wedding hairstyles

The stylish coif is a new look for brides. Proper hair teasing coupled with great styling products can make you look really beautiful.  In this hairdo, it is important to place your mang-tika very carefully. If done well, this hairstyle will give you a makeover.

The Bun


best wedding day hairstyles indian

A bridal staple, buns are the most commonly worn hairstyles by brides. There are too many ways to do a bun that every bride can look unique. Get a big bun made either at the back or on top of head. Choose the right hair accessories. The bun is visible through the sheer dupatta so it is important to decorate it really well.

The Side Pony


best indian wedding day hairstyles

This hairstyle can easily be incorporated in Indian bridal look. Make a sleek side pony and curl the ends. You can use any accessories of your choice. Here it is a white flower but you can go all blingy if you want. Pony will give you the looks of a modern bride.

The Half Up Half Down Style


indian wedding day hairstyles

The simple half up-half down hairdo can be adjusted to look totally bridal. This hairstyle is a combination of bun and open hair. The big puff will give height and oomph. The cascading waves will make the look ethereal and contemporary.

What is your favourite bridal hairstyle?

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  1. u can add my hair picture also, available in wise she 😛 any ways i like the 1 st one a lot, which one i had for my engagement, that was posted in wiseshe, in this link.

  2. I loved the long braid and the side pony.
    On the shadi day, one is quite limited just to a bun ,
    but on the engagement I had open hair.. A haircut with short layers just before the wedding ruined all te chances of any thing else


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