5 Inspirational Eye Make-Up Ideas From Pinterest


5 Inspirational Eye Make-Up Ideas From Pinterest


Hey everyone, how are you? Well I am staying mostly indoors these days to avoid the sun as much as I can and that gives me ample of time to try new looks specially Eye Make-up. I love dolling up myself and clicking selfies and some makeup selfies as well.

So here are some eye make-up looks that I found really inspirational and worth a try 🙂 I like peeking into a lot of pictorials so that I can try the looks without much hassle and atleast I have an idea before doing something. Let’s get to the work straightaway.

Glittery Smokey

I just love, love and love this look. This is really easy to do and mesmerizing though photography deserves a credit in how mesmerizing it looks in the picture. But trust me this will be really pretty in real life as well. Eyelashes can do wonders for even the basic eye make-ups. They add the required glitz and glam to your eyes to make them all catchy and wonderful. Adding a pop of glitter on bright color makes the eyes pop out, just make sure you keep the glitter only in the centre of your eyes.


glitter eye makeup


The Lifted Look

I am certainly in for this look, I have really small eyes and it’s difficult for them to grab attention with tons of makeup. The classic lifted eye makeup makes any eye shape look lifted and enhanced. Try this look and you’ll end up with naturally bigger looking eyes. This is sort of an eye makeup which looks really subtle and I know how madly I had searched for that model looking eye makeup trick, which looks naturally lifted. I am happy that my search ended on this 🙂 This look is apt for both day and night and looks effortless.


The Lifted Look eyemakeup


Blue Eyes

Okay don’t start singing “Blue Eyes Hypnotise” 😛 I know even I was singing it in my head 😀 So this is an easy way to do smokey blue eyes just smudge a kohl on your eye-lid, take a blue eyeshadow and blend, blend and blend some more. Line your eyes, smudge the kohl on the lower lash line, do the mascara and rock the night 😉 No false lashes here, but if you want to add some more glamour then you can add a pair of fake lashes


Blue Eye makeup


Romantic Date Night

Awww.. How cute is this, ain’t it? Pink+Purple smokey eyes perfect for a romantic date night, your farewell or a simple dinner with hubby :-). No heavy eye-liner here girls, just you and your eye-shadows. So this is a great trick, if you don’t want that dramatic look then line your eyes with dark brown eyeshadow and not in a precise line, let it spread little bit J Do the trick on both upper and lower lash line. Wear loads of Mascara to add the oomph and viola.


eyemakeup for Romantic Date


Double Wings

I absolutely adore this one. This is appropriate for all those with small eyes or who want their eyes to look bigger. I try not wearing any liner/shadow on my lower lash line because of my small eyes. But, this really gave me the confidence and trick for flaunting it. Just fill your waterline with a white pencil and spread the eyeshadow like so in the going wide towards the outer corner. This helps to elongate the eyes as well.


Double Wings eyemakeup


Hope you all enjoyed liked these looks, and try them out soon.

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  1. I loved the blue eyes…so smokey and blue <3 infact I might have done something like this with Mac deep truth eyeshadow as well

  2. I would love to try each and every makeup look, awesome post ! 🙂 ayushi tera kaunsa favorite he from all looks?

  3. Though all the looks are lovely but my personal favourites are the lifted look and the double winged.


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