5 Juicing Recipes For Healthy Beautiful Hair



5 Juicing Recipes For Healthy Beautiful Hair

Our hair suffers from harmful rays of sun and pollution as much as our skin. Our skin though has a chance to get the nutrients from what we eat, but our hair doesn’t even get the right proportions of nutrients it actually needs. Yes, you read it right. Our hair has to wait in queue behind all our vital organs to get whatever nutrients are left from what we eat. So it means, in spite of eating vitamins and mineral enriched food, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s an adequate amount left for our hair to enjoy. There comes juicing to our rescue.

Juicing fruits and vegetables can help you increase the micronutrients in our diet to improve your hair’s health to a great extent.

So here are 5 juicing recipes that you can try to give your hair a healthy life.

Carrot and Orange

blood orange skin care

These two form an excellent nutritional health drink and is utterly tasty too. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene that gives your hair a healthy shine and keeps the natural color intact. It also helps in restoring and strengthening the structure of hair follicles. Carrot and orange, both are rich in vitamin C, which helps in stimulating blood flow to the scalp thereby reducing hair fall and helping in hair growth.


Importance of eating spinach

Take fresh coriander, spinach and lettuce. Wash them properly and blend them well. You can add fresh parsley, mint, cabbage and any other leafy vegetables of your choice as well. But make sure the proportion of coriander is the most. Add orange juice to it and drink twice daily. Green leafy vegetables are low in fat and are brimming with dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium, as well as a host of phytochemicals.

Lemon/Orange and Bell pepper

lemon for acne spots

Bell pepper for hair?? Sounds funny?? Actually it is not. Bell pepper is a natural hair growth stimulator and is highly effective in curing hair loss, strengthen hair follicles and promote hair growth. They improve blood flow which is vital for proper growth of hair and protection of hair follicles. Blend a bell pepper and add it to orange juice or squeeze a lemon in it. You can also put a few slices in water and boil for about 10 minutes; let it cool down to lukewarm. Squeeze a lemon in and have it. But I would say to have it raw.

Apple, Strawberries and Pomegranate




Blend all the ingredients together well. Don’t peal the apple skin and if possible don’t throw away the seeds of the pomegranates. It aids in proper digestion.

Papaya and cucumber juice

papaya skin care

Blend half of a papaya and a cucumber and other citrus fruits of choice. Drink this in the morning in empty stomach. The wonder fruit papaya is loaded with nutrients and its regular consumption improves your hair condition and skin texture, relieves digestive problems, protects your eyes and heart and even lowers your risk of cancer. Cucumbers are low in calories, and are good source of water, vitamin K, potassium and unique anti-oxidants. This is known to promote strong healthy hair and can help prevent hair loss by helping the body fight its common causes.

Things to remember

  • You should juice at least once in a day. Occasional juicing will result in nothing.
  • Juicing the same fruits and vegetables over and over is strictly a NO. Choose this and choose that, one day this and one day that.
  • Choose fruits and vegetables of all colors to ensure you get a variety of nutrients
  • Remember to use juicing as a supplement to a balanced and healthy diet, NOT as a substitute for one.
  • Fasting and drinking only juice to lose weight or deal skin and hair problem is foolishness. Never replace your meals with juices.

 Do you have more healthy recipes to share?

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