5 Kind Of Earrings For Long Face


5 Kind Of Earrings For Long Face

You can wear any earring you like but if you become a little wiser, your investments will be more useful. Every face shape looks best in certain style of earrings. Round faces look good with long earrings and the opposite is true for long face shapes. Girls with long face should look for earrings that take the focus away from the length of face.

Long earrings bring the eyes and whole face down and so longer earrings are not the best for long faces as they will only make your face look narrower. Big and voluminous earrings work best on girls with long faces. Ear-cuffs are suitable for most face shapes and so long face shapes can easily carry them too. But there are many more styles of earrings that will highlight the cheekbones of a longer face and will also make them look softer.

If you also happen to have an oblong face shape like me then here you will find the most flattering styles of earrings for yourself. I have tried many styles and here I’m suggesting what I think looks best on my face shape. Take a look at these 5 Kind Of Earrings For Long Face-

Stud Earrings


earring styles for long face

Studs of any shape and size are really suitable for long faces. They give volume to the thin oblong face. You can wear small studs easily but for a better look, try bigger studs that have many elements.

Small Dangles


5 kind of earrings for long face

Long dangling earrings may not flatter long face shape. It is better to wear small dangle earrings. They They should just skim your jawline. This style will also give the illusion of a fuller face.



earrings for long face

Long face shapes look really beautiful with hoop earrings. The round shape of hoops gives roundness and width to face. You can wear the smallest and largest hoops but yes they should not have fringes to work best.



earrings for face shape

Pearls add softness to face and so suit well for long faces. The round shape of pearls is also perfect for oblong faces. pearl studs are really suitable and you can also wear small dangles that have clusters of pearls.

Traditional Indian Earrings


best earrings for long face shape

Chandbalis are very well suited for long faces. Pick the ones that are shaped like hoops and are voluminous.

Jhumkis look good on long faces as well. Do not buy very long jhumkis instead opt for the ones that have bigger domes.

Did you like these earring styles for long face?

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