5 Kryolan Lipstick Shades Colours & Swatches


Kryolan Lipstick shades

I have been meaning to post these lipstick swatches since long but have been caught up in few of the important issues.I have reviewed some of these lipsticks before also so you can say it is a mini round up of all the five Kryolan lipstick which I got recently .

  • Priced – Rs INR 250 for 4gm (Around$5) there lipsticks are going to be around soon online on many websites.We demand they offer 😉

You can read the following post for more swatches:-

5 kryolan lipstick classic lc002+Kryolan lipstick shades+Kryolan India

Kryolan Lipstick Finish:-

Kryolan Lipstick Classic:-

Lipstick with a long-proven formulation, including Vitamin E to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanism. Lipstick Classic produces a matt impression and is known for its good durability. This Lip Rouge is available in a wide range of more than 48 shades.

Kryolan Lipstick Fashion:-

Lipstick for professional beauty applications. The creamy consistency of Lipstick Fashion feels soft and velvety on the lips and leaves a pleasant-to-wear sensation. This Lip Rouge preparation features a care complex with a well-balanced formulation. Lip Rouge Fashion is available in an attractive range of more than 30 shades.

Kryolan Lipstick Pearl:-

Iridescent color nuances for special optical effects. Contains Vitamin E for skin care, which stimulates the skin’s repair mechanism. Lip Rouge Pearl is available in a range of more than 32 shades.

Kryolan lipstick shades swatches L193+LC007+LC501+LC122+L190

Kryolan Lipstick Colours:-

  • L190 – Read the complete review here
  • LC122- A highly pigmented blue toned pink.It’s little drying and settle into fine lines.
  • L193– Warm pigmented  maroonish red which can be used sheer too.
  • LC007 – It’s a yellow base coral shade with a hint of red in it.
  • LC501- A sheer pink

Kryolan lipstick pearl+Kryolan lipstick fashion+ Kryolan lipstick classic,

Kryolan lipstick swatches L193+LC007

Swatches Of Kryolan Lipstick shades LC501, LC007, LC122, L193,L190

Kryolan lipstick swatches L193+LC007+LC501+LC122+L190

LC 190+LC122+LC501+LC007+L193kRYOLAN lipstickshade

Have you tried any of the above Kryolan Lipstick shade?

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  1. oh my!!! they luk like a mini party…all stacked togethr like that..and each shade more vibrant than the other!!! can i steal all of these A?? permission de do..

  2. I have LC122, it’s so neon-looking on my face and I love it! 🙂

    I also got L11 which is a gorgeous purple shade, a close dupe for Illamasqua Kontrol but way cheaper. I have to get few other shades just didn’t have time to check their shades properly 🙂

    Thanks for lovely swatches! 🙂


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