5 Lip Care Products


5 Lip Care Products

We drink, we eat, we lick, we bite, we pout, we smile, and we do a lot many things using our lips. We apply chemical laden makeup on lips and put the tiny lovely lips to so much of work. Our lips do a lot and to take care of these is important.

Our lips deserve a lot of pampering, and this pampering will also allow them to look luscious. Today I shall talk about five lip care products that complete your lip care vanity. Have a look.

Lip Scrubs

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Exfoliating your face and body twice a week is important and so is exfoliating your lips too. Our lips have more dead cells than our face actually. Regular lip exfoliation removes dead cells and leaves them supple & soft. Moreover dry and flaky lips do not look good with or without makeup, flaky lips do not pull off lipsticks nicely especially the matte lipsticks and may even accentuate flakiness & dine lines. Lip scrubs help in getting rid of flaky lips too.

Tinted Lip Balms



Caring for dry and chapped lips is very crucial and I am sure almost everybody knows, but many of you skip lip balms because of the mundane no color on lips look. Tinted lip balms are great to care for your lips and at the same time provide some hint of color to your pout. Various cosmetic brands have a great variety of tinted balms to offer. Also look for SPFs in lip balm so that it acts as shield against sun damage.

Lip Lightening Creams



Usage of bad makeup, sun damage and poor life styles leads to darkening of lips which we refer as lip pigmentation. Pigmented lips can also be reason for you to detest sheer lipsticks and lip balms. If lip pigmentation is one such problem that is bothering you then you should definitely invest in a good lip lightening treatment cream.

Lip Treatment Balms



Just like after a period we become extra conscious about our skin and invest in anti ageing skin care products, similarly Lip Treatment balms too become a necessity after a time. A good lip treatment balm is great for preventing lip formation on lips and also at times may take care of existing lip lines.

Lip Masks


5 lip care products - Lip Masks

Lip masks are not very common but yes they are pretty effective. Dry, chapped and painful lips can be treated quickly with the use lip masks. But finding the perfect lip mask is not easy since these are not very popular, but once you find the perfect lip mask, you can say bye to painful lips forever.

Which product do you use for lip care?

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