5 Liquid Lipstick Hacks You Didn’t Know


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I am so fond of liquid lipsticks like everyone that I keep experimenting with them and keep on exploring the internet to learn more tricks and hacks around these. Apart from colors, there is a lot of knowledge we could share and so I am here today to share a few tricks that can make you feel surprised too and you could use your liquid lipstick for better purposes than you knew all this while.

1.You should always apply your lipstick on your lower lip first

liquid lipsticks hacks

I am sure you did not know this. But experts say that if you apply the color to your lower lip first and then press your lips, followed by a filling of your cupid’s bow, your lip color falls perfectly. This is because the lip colors are well pigmented. Try it to feel the difference!!

2. If you wish to wear a lipstick that does not melt in summers you should always use liquid lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks do not transfer but stay there with their long stay powers. So you are at ease as they do not melt down your face or transfer to your wine glass or anywhere you touch upon. 😀

3. You can actually turn your liquid lipstick into a cream blush

liquid lipstick 435 lipswatch

It so happens that a color loses its importance for you once you have already used it for a while. In such a case, it is either wasted or you throw it off. Well, not to worry, you can actually convert it to a cream blush. All you need is to mix it with a good reliable primer and your powder. Yes! See it’s so easy and you could actually land up with a teaming color for your lips and cheeks both.

4. If you want your lipstick to be perfect, always apply it with a brush

Using a brush always helps as it does not let the lip color settle in your fine lines and keeps it fine tuned to the outer shape of your lips. You would feel the difference specially if you are trying matte liquid lipsticks. Using the brush needs nothing just a little patience and your drawing skills to line your lips perfectly. You could in fact also try using a lip liner first to ensure a smooth glide of the color and finesse to your lips.

5. If you want your color to stay even longer, you should double the coat

If you want your color to stay even longer, you should double the coat but only once you blot. After you blot it, re-apply the coat and you would find the color placed fulfilling and looking better on your lips, staying longer and making your lips appear fuller. A trick for that perfect pout and pictures, it is 😉

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I hope you liked the tricks as I tried bringing them to you out of the ones I could find and try myself. This is a kind of sharing I definitely prefer as I do find it helpful myself. This is why we at Wiseshe always encourage you also to share your tricks and hacks with all of us so that we can share those with our entire audience and readers all over.

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