5 L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick For Dusky Desi Indian Skin Tone (Pigmented Lips)


5 L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipsticks  For Dusky Desi Indian Skin Tone

Hello Everyone,

Today I have an interesting post to share with you all 🙂

Wise She aims at bringing out the best possible reviews and suggestions of certain makeup products which are suitable for the different skin tones. I hope you already remember that Navneet reviewed these stunning shades of lipsticks from the Infallible range from L’Oreal Paris. Well, the reviews were basically for the fair skin beauties to let them get an idea of how these shades of lipsticks look on a particular skin tone say fair skin.

Loreal infallinle reviews india

Now here is what I have in store for the Dusky Indian Skin tones! 🙂

I have tried the same shades of lipsticks on me to make it very easy for those who are blessed with the beautiful dusky Indian skin tone, to decide what shade is going to compliment their skin tone to the best possible extent.

Loreal infallible lipstick name price india

About L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipsticks-

These Loreal Paris Infallible Lipsticks are the newly launched lipsticks with super rich texture, dark shades and moisturizing effect.

Price:  Rs. 999/- for 2.5g

Loreal infallible new launches swatches

all loreal infallible lipstick swatches

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick Charismatic Coral-

Chasrismatic Coral is more opaque than the shade Always Apricot. It easily hides lip pigmentation and is more brighter and beautiful. It compliments my skin tone. It is a vibrant red based orange and can be layered  although you won’t be needing further layering as 1-2 swipes (even if you have pigmented lips) is enough to get the right shade on your pout

charismatic coral loreal on dusky skin tone

Charismatic Coral On Fair Skin-

Navneet says-

“This shade is an orangy coral; no hint of pink is there. It’s a bright shade which brightens up the face instantly.  This lipstick is richly pigmented and one swipe is enough for the needed color on the lips.”

loreal charismatic coral FOTD

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick Always Apricot-

Always apricot  looks more or less similar when comapred to Charismatic Coral but this one is less opaque for sure. It needs few more swipes  to hide lip pigmentation. The shade is not as bright as Charismatic Coral and in my opinion  Charismatic Coral is a better choice for dusky dark Indian skin tone. It can be a good choice for those girl who don’t want the colour to stand out as such and looking for more every day kind of orange shade.

Always apricot loreal infallible dusky skin tone

Always Apricot on Fair Skin

Navneet says-

“The shade is pure apricot orange color. A deep orange shade which can be used for daily wear as well as for parties or special occasions. This may not suit very dark skin toned beauties. It’s a vibrant orange shade very apt for winters to make you look hot in this cold weather.”

L'Oreal Always Apricot lipswatch

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick Forever Fuchsia-

This is one of my fvourite shade from the range and it is a bright pink fuchsia. The shade is very flattering and looks eye popping gorgeous on the pout!

Loreal infallible forever fuchsia dusky skin tone

Forever Fuchsia on Fair Skin-

Navneet says-

“This is surely one of the most beautiful fuchsia lipstick shade that I have come across. A bright magenta pink to suit all Indian skin toned beauties. Just put it on and you will be the centre of attraction for sure.”

Forever Fuchsia Loreal Infallible Lipstick lipswatch

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick Persistent Plum-

This is basically a red based plum shade.It is  really pretty fall shade and goes really well with my complexion giving a brightened look on the face. You will find many shades like this in MAC .  This shade is a close dupe of street wear ultra moist lipstick Foxy fantasy.

Persistent plum on dusky skin tone

Persistent Plum on Fair Skin-

Navneet says-

“The shade is a plum maroon shade which is a quite common among every lipstick brand. The lipstick is pigmented but atleast 2 swipes are needed for that rich color. I was not very impressed with the shade because it doesn’t stands out.”

Loreal Paris Infallible Lipstick Persistent Plum lipswatch

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick Resilient Raisin-

Well, this has been my least favorite shade from the range as it just adds years to my age and completely washes me out. Although it is a raisin brown shade and initially I assumed that it will suit me but it didn’t suit my skin tone at all.Its definitely not a shade for warm dusky olive Indian skin tone.


Resilient Raisin on Fair Skin-

Navneet says-

“The shade is a beautiful dark brown. The name given Resilient Riasin perfectly suits the shade. These are not matte lipsticks nor very creamy. This may not be an everyday shade as its very rich and dark which is apt for evenings and parties.”

loreal resilient raisin lipswatch

I hope you liked these swatches with a simultaneous comparison of all the five shades on fair & dusky Indian skin tone. Do share your thoughts about which ones will be your pick from this range of lipsticks. 🙂

Have you tried  L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipsticks?-

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  1. Thanks Taps 🙂 its tough to shoot for all the shades together as wiping one and then re applying takes so much time i don know how people do it 😛

  2. Hey maitree! my post might seem a little bit out of place over here..but I saw your post on foundations for Indian skin. i am a college going girl who has not used foundation till now. I wanted to buy a mac foundation for my bhaiya’s wedding . I live in a hostel and do not have any malls/mac stores nearby and was hoping to buy one online. I saw your photo. My skin shade is almost same as yours. can you suggest the shade for my skin tone? It would be a great help 🙂
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi Divya,

    Maitri is around NC 45 – NC50 ..You can go to the MAC store and try out foundation in that range and decide 🙂

    Best wishes 🙂

  4. Liked the skin tone wise comparision ! And you look best in Apricot and Fushia shades Anu..! Navs OMG your skin is flawless..i keep telling that everytime I see a pic of yours..hehe

  5. I find Resilient Resin to be good, since a brown is a must in your vanity pouch.. but the pure brown I had wud wash me out I feel.. RR on the other hand has reddish undertones, exactly what I wanted..

    I like to wear bright shades but not in your face ones.. Charismatic Coral and Rambling Rose, despite belonging to such bright pop up color families, hv been blended so well that they come out to be such Sophisticated orange and dark pinks.. the two colors I somehow felt I wud not be able to use, and have now become my most fav ones..

    Refined Ruby is another such mid tone red.. I do own Maybeline Non Stop Red and Mac Diva but I needed a tone in between..and Refined Ruby was just that..

    By the way I just like how Loreal used Alliteration in naming the shades of this Infallible range as am bit of a Grammar Geek.


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