5 MAC Products Which I Am Obsessed About


There was a time when MAC meant only lipstick or eyeshadows to me but with time  (:D regular visits) I started buying things which I considered rather costly. Thing with MAC is, once you like a particular thing from the brand it will become kind of an obsession. So here are a few products from the brand which I am really obsessed about and keep on on repurchasing them, again and again till MAC itself comes out with something new.

MAC Face And Body Foundation:-


MAC Face and body foundation C5

  • Price – INR 1700

When I first used MAC Face and body, I found it to be too sheer and surprisingly even MAC S.A didn’t have great opinion about it 😛 .Later, after reading such a convincing review by our writer Taps I bought it and now I think I can not survive without it.If I look at it from a broader perspective,  it has 13 shades so there are rare chances that some one will not be able to find a shade which they like in it. It looks so well in photographs and in this horrible 48 degree temperature it doesn’t melt and what’s more, it was blending out fine even when the temperature was reaching 2 degrees here. So tried and tested in all the conditions.It just works amazingly well.

It gives decent coverage and you can always build up the coverage.It will never make you look caked up.All those busy and working ladies should definitely get this  as it hardly takes time in blending.So you don’t have to miss your foundation daily because of the time constraint.

MAC Pro longwear Concealor :-

  • Price – 1100 INR( Around $22)

MAC Prolongwear Concealor in NC30 Review Pump+makeup foundation reviews

MAC Pro long wear concealor was never in my wish list until I tried it out on the MAC counter.It’s thick and creamy but doesn’t crease.It hides my dark circles flawlessly and its hydrating. It mixes up nicely into all my foundation and stays whole day long without reminding me : “Hello! I am there  its time for you to wipe me off 😛“.Tested in extreme winters and summers and it works just fine .I don’t think I am going to invest in another MAC concealor for a long time.

MAC Cleanse Oil - 

  • Price  – INR 1500

MAC Cleanse Off Oil Review+makeup remover

My maaru genes would have never agreed to buy me MAC Cleanse off oil until Shweta raved about it so much. It actually is THE BEST makeup remover. It simplifies the makeup removing process and what’s more it doesn’t break into my wallet every month or two. It lasts for six months easily when used EVERY single day. It’s travel friendly and after getting it I don’t need separate makeup removers.It works just fine .You will really have to experience MAC Cleanse off oil to know what a great product it is.

MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Brush

  • Price – INR 2300

MAC 188 Small Duo VS MAC 187+187 Brush MAC +Hair fiber reviews

I have many must have MAC brushes but I am oh so in love with my MAC Duo fibre brush. The moment I apply my blush with this brush some how the result is always satisfying unlike other brushes where I feel there is little more to be done here.What’s more! It works for foundation equally well, only thing is that it is a little smaller than MAC 187 . I also want to try MAC 138 Tappered brush  which although is of a whopping INR 3300(around $63) but I think that too will turn out to be one of the brushes which I am obsessed about.

Although there are eye makeup brushes as well which I really like such as MAC 217, 219, 239 but then if we move to eye makeup then it will become another post itself.

MAC Brush Cleanser

INR 650

best mac products

I have too many brushes with me and some brushes get not used for a month and few I use daily and few randomly.MAC brush cleanser is a great product for those who wants to keep their brush squeaky clean after 2-3 uses .You don’t need to wash it or keep it under tap for five minutes  whole foundation to come off .Just put few drops on a tissue , swipe the brush a few times and  brush is all cleaned up.How quick  is that ? and its one big bottle which will last you for a good period of time.With MAC brush cleanser, you will definitely wash your brushes more often 🙂

So, apart from MAC eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks these are other stuff which MAC makes me crazy about.How about you ? Let me know which MAC product are you obsessed about 🙂

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  1. Njoyed the post Ana, I want everything from ur fav list but have only 1 thing n thats the cleanse off oil, Its just just FAB

  2. The only times when I wish I had a dry skin was probably when I read reviews about the face and body foundation.. People are going crazy over it and sadly I can’t use it for my very oily skin..
    I’m waiting to build up a budget to be able to try a mac coundation :-))

    • Hi Sumathi, It suits oily skin as well..You just need to use compact or loose powder over it.Just try once in MAC and decide..:)

  3. mac cleanse off is the BEST!
    I have yet to try the brush cleanser.. and i think i need it cos of the condition my skin is in rite now..

    • Haan! I think u should just use and wash them over with the brush cleanser every day or once in two days .You never know.May be your skin is not liking them.

  4. Thanks a lot for the mention, I am soooo sooo happy that my review came to your use and you liked mac face n body foundation! I think i will get prolong wear concealer n brush cleaser for sure on my next visit to mac!

    • Oh yaa! Actually I first tried it out and didn’t liked it but after reading your review i went again ..and then bought it 😀

  5. Useful post on my MAC wishlist Ana 🙂 . I am still searching for affordable brushes to start off. Suggest me one to use foundation.
    N i am not sure whether i need a concealer or not. i have never used it till date. Will definitely try this MAC foundation and cleanse oil 🙂

  6. Nice article! Would you tell me what the shelf life of the cleanse off oil is? It sounds really interesting to me but I don’t wear makeup that often… it’s just eyes daily and full face like once in a month! And does it remove eye makeup properly… mascara.. gel liner on water line.. everything? 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  7. Mehak: both work in the same way.. The purple one is more suited for sensitive skin as far as i know… Coz its called tranquil


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