MAC Surf Baby Eyeshadows Swatches & Photos


MAC Surf Baby Eyeshadows swatches

At last MAC Surf Baby collection got launched in India.It was launched in Hyderabad & Mumbai on Saturday where as in Bangalore I think it still have not been launched.

MAC Surf baby collection has five eyeshadows

  • MAC Saffron (Deep coral caramel) – This shadow was introduced in MAC mickey contractor collection so those who missed it can check it out now.
  • MAC Surf USA – (Frosted teal)  which I purchased
  • MAC Sun blonde (Dirty yellow gold)
  • Swell baby (Mid tone grey) – This was sent by brand and reviewed here.
  • Shorts Shorts (Frosty white)
  • Price – Rs 950 for 1.5gm

MAC Surf baby eye shadow ,  Swell Baby, Surf USA , Saffron, Short Shorts eye shadow swatches

  • MAC Surf USA –  It’s a beautiful greenish teal shade which is just amazing.It’s tad bit frosty but one can hardly see that.It is really smooth and has amazing soft texture which pops up the eyes.With nice buildable  satiny pigmentation its not powdery.One doesn’t have to make much of an effort with this eye shadow as blending is super easy with it.

MAC Surf USA EYESHADOW photos and swatches MAC teal eyeshadow swatches

Swatches of  SURF USA 

A teal green shade in which  frost appears as a slight sheen .The shade comes out really pretty when used on outer corner or lower lash line.If you have brown or green eyes this will come out really beautiful.

MAC Surf USA Frost eyeshadow swatches

  • MAC Swell Baby – A light grey which lacks little pigmentation but good to wear as an every day eye shadow.This shade was not launched in MAC Hyderabad store.

MAC Eyeshadow Swell baby eyeshadow and swatches

Swatches – MAC SURF USA & Swell Baby (LtoR)

MAC eye shadow swell baby photos and swatches

  • MAC Saffron – Medium reddish orange and this can work beautifully as a blush too.I have used this orange as a blush here

MAC Saffron eyeshadow reviews photos and swatches

  • Swatches – MAC Saffron, MAC SURF USA, MAC Swell baby (LtoR)

MAC Swell baby swatches, MAC Saffron eyeshadow swatches,MAC Surf USA Swatches

  • MAC Sunblonde  – If you are looking for a nice yellow for yourself which is not that bright then this might be of your liking.It’s a pale yellow shade with hints of gold into it which is heavily pigmented.

Swatch – MAC Sun blonde (Left)

MAC Sun blonde eyeshadow swatches

Lastly there is MAC Shorts shorts  which is a  frosty highlighter and had mettalic finish due to bad lighting I was not able to get the right  swatch but that shade too was quite pretty as a highlighter.

Are you planning to buy any thing from MAC Surf baby ?

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  1. ana the colors are sooooo wowowowow … i loveddd teal and saffron is all time fav… 😀 but yahan launch hee nahin hua :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang:

  2. Amazing shades Ana!!! I want them allll!!!!! Wish they were a bit cheaper… to collect them all would need planning 🙁


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