5 Makeup Books Worth Investing In


5 Makeup Books Worth Investing In


You need to study makeup if you want to become perfect. Yes! Even makeup makeup can be studied and some of the best professionals from the field will guide you. I’m not talking about any makeup school rather I’m here to suggest you some makeup-books.

I know that there is a lot on internet and obviously the ever helpful Youtube. But girls! nothing can beat the knowledge that experts give. If you want to become a makeup master then you must buy at least one of these books-

Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin


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Kevyn Aucoin is a famous American makeup artist. The book is divided into three parts. The first part explains the basics about face. It shows in detail the makeup tools and techniques that help in highlighting the best features. The second one covers before and after pictures that illustrate the magic of makeup. This section takes into account every skin tone and type. The third part shows celebrities in some famous looks and again contains before and after pictures. The book has 200 pictures and sketches.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown


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This book has been written by the renowned makeup master so it has to be amazing. This is one of the most famous books for makeup. The book covers not only makeup but also skin care for various skin types. The book also explains about makeup tools and how to take care of them.

You will learn about every aspect of makeup from foundation to falsies. Every skin tone has been addressed. The best part is that you don’t need Bobbi Brown products to use the tips and tricks. This manual is a must have for beginners to pros.

Make-up Masterclass: Beauty Bible of professional techniques and wearable looks by Jemma Kidd


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The book focuses on explaining every step of makeup clearly. Jemma Kidd supports minimal makeup and explains about enhancing the features using right techniques. Jemma Kidd Make-Up Masterclass is a glamorous, contemporary yet timeless book that demystifies the art of make-up and shows women how to enhance their best features and feel confident in their appearance, whatever your age or lifestyle. Beautifully photographed and designed, it offers expert advice. Jemma explains how she works with the latest trends to create new looks and color schemes, and shows how extreme looks can be adapted and toned down for everyday wear.

Makeup The Ultimate Guide by Rae Morris


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The book contains simple, step-by-step outlines that emphasize exactly how to apply makeup. The high-fashion images make this a gorgeous, glamorous guide that will inspire creative, festive faces. Even the most sophisticated and artistic makeup is easy to achieve with these tricks, techniques, and trade secrets. This reference explores all the essential tools needed, how to find the right products—and at the right price—which eye-shadow colors work best for individual eyes, and how to achieve perfect eyebrows and use fake eyelashes. The 10-minute makeovers for both daytime and evening looks help contour and highlight the face, making each one a walking, living piece of art. It is perfect for women of every colour and age.

Makeup makeovers in 5 10 15 20 Minutes Robert Jones


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This book helps you to create timeless looks that will give you confidence and make you radiant. This step-by-step guide to realistic, everyday makeup for the woman on the go contains makeup techniques for every occasion, starting with the five-minute morning-makeup for work, more refined style for important meetings that can be done in the office, quick and stylish looks for after-work drinks, hot and sassy styles for when you are late for your dates, and even elegant evening styles for women who have the time but not the energy to spend hours on their look. Robert Jones shows you which tools to use, how to conceal blemishes, and how to emphasize certain features, such as eyes and lips. You’ll discover how to quickly and efficiently transform your appearance in stunning and remarkable ways, no matter what the occasion and in an incredibly short amount of time.

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