5 Makeup Ideas For Wedding


5 Makeup Ideas For Wedding

A lot of tips and tricks have been written about the must do’s & don’t s for Wedding as this marks a really special day for the bride & the groom and the families involving both of them. Well somehow there is always something that doesn’t go as planned or dreamed and there is what starts panic & stress!

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I remember last year I was getting ready for my friend’s engagement and when my friend got ready for her special day. Well, not everyone was happy with the way she looked and her hair-do was not what we had expected. We had to deliberately tell her that she is looking just fine. As she became really nervous and stressed out because of the not up to the mark makeup and hair-do!

Well, makeup blunders do happen but until it can be fixed, it is not a complete horror. So, I thought of coming up with some interesting makeup ideas for the brides for the wedding day!

Go for a subtle glow

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This is mainly for the Indian brides who can go on to try any color or look which they have never ever tried before in their lives. Excess foundation, overdone blush and bold lip color is only going to look great in pictures and not in real after sometime. So if you wish to look charming even after hours of your wedding rituals, stick to the basics and tell your makeup artist for a subtle glow and natural makeup look!

Perfect Smoky Eye Makeup

Brown smoky eyes+eye makeup for brown eyes smoky eyes

There is a thin line and a bride can easily over-do smoky eyes to raccoon eyes id you don’t know the amount of smoky eye effect you want in your eye makeup. If you have a small crease area, highlight it with bronze or golden cream eye shadow to make them a little evident. Don’t go over with the eyeliner and apply only which makes your eyes look good and not horrible!

Alluring Lips

Sleek Stiletto Lipstick

If you think you wish to have a minimal look for your special day but cannot argue with your relatives, specially mother then do opt for a bright lipstick. It will just brighten your face and will make you look instantly beautiful without over doing your overall makeup. Try the unconventional lip colors like pink, plum, burgundy etc. If you wish to look a little unique from most of the brides.

Rosy Cheeks

Tarte Blush Peaceful For NW25

A hint of rosy blush is a must for the fresh look for brides. As there is a lot of shyness for the new bride and the blush on the cheeks will add to the charm of a girl. And will look even more natural. Since a bride blushes a lot of times during her wedding day owing to the number of jokes cracked for her!

An easy Hair-do

cross bun hair do style

Well, a lot of brides want to try something new for their wedding day. So they get confused between choosing the right hairstyle they want to have for the special day. A side swept hairstyle definitely looks great. Be it a side swept low bun with hair accessories or a side swept open hair style with loose curls here and there to make the look totally natural.

Whatever you choose to flaunt for your wedding day make sure to have a quick trial before the wedding itself. So that you can get an idea as to how it is going to look on your face.

Hope you like these makeup ideas for wedding and if you are also getting married soon this year, you can always go for these suggestions! 🙂

Have you any unique makeup ideas for wedding?

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