5 Makeup Looks With Black Dress



5 Makeup Looks With Black Dress

From runaways, red carpets and award functions to office parties cocktail or dinner parties, a black dress remains the most iconic dresses of all time.

A black dress is very versatile and can be complemented with different looks. Thus, I’ll be listing top 5 looks that go well with black dresses.

The classic red lips


Makeup Looks With Black Dress


LBD with matte retro red lips is a timeless combination. Line your eyes in subtle wing after applying a soft wash of beige as eye shadow and wear your favorite matte red lipstick. You can do subtle smoky eyes as well.
Be it a strapless, halter, tank or spaghetti straps dress, this combination is simple yet sultry and can never go wrong. Going for a date, or just partying with friends on Saturday night? This can light up your night and make you look completely gorgeous and sexy.

Dramatic Smokey eye makeup


best makeup for balck dress


Another deadly combination is smoky eyes and a black dress. It’s sultry and dramatic and creates that alluring sophisticated look. A perfect pair of smoky eyes adds depth and dimension to eyes, making them stand out. Don’t forget to add oodles of mascara.

Just Eyeliner


simple eyemakeup with black dress


You’ll be amazed to see what a bold black or blue eyeliner color can do for your eyes. A retro wing is classic and a pop of blue eyeliner is chic and stylish. Draw a line using your favorite eye pencil or liquid liner on your upper lash line and finish off with loads of mascara. You can also apply the double liner as well. Keep lips and blushes subtle and understated.

Mascara Magic


makeup that go well with Black dress


Sometimes you just need a good mascara to work wonder. Apply a brightening subtle shimmery wash of shadow on all over lids. Curl your lashes and dust some baby powder on your lashes. Now take your mascara and wiggle the mascara wand at the base of your top lashes and then pull the wand through to the ends. This will make your eye lashes look longer and voluminous. Add second coat. Now finish off the eye makeup look with bold and beautiful lips. Choose lipsticks in shade of red and hot pink, preferably in matte finishes. Rosy or coral blush for the cheeks and complementary red or pink nail polishes to round up the look.

Purple Magic


purple eyemakeup for LBD


Purple and black go together excellently. So add some purple on your makeup. But either on eyes or on lips, definitely not both together. Purple leaned smoky eyes or vampy purple lips, the choice is yours.


  • Make sure your base doesn’t look cakey and is flawless.
  • Play up either your lips or eyes.
  • Don’t overdo your blushes. Less is more.
  • Bare nail is a complete NO. Paint your nails with colors matching your lips.

How do you do your makeup when wearing a black dress?

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