5 Makeup Sites To Shop Online When Going To USA


5 Makeup Sites To Shop Online When Going To USA

If you are reading this article, then I suppose you definitely are a makeup freak and makeup matters a lot to you.

India is growing with makeup markets and we saw some new brands last year, but brands have always been partial with their products and do not launch most of the products here in India and even if they launch there is a significant delay in the launches. Online shopping portals do at times help us in getting those high end brands but in that case too, we do not have many options, and the delivery charges and huge import taxes is something that digs the hole in the pocket. The story shall remain the same until the makeup brands get a soft corner for India and they do all the launches here too. Till then keep asking your foreign friends the favor of getting you your dream makeup products, and if you yourself are planning a trip abroad and going to USA, then you can definitely plan on things to make the most of the trip.


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So you are planning to go to USA, you have got all your bookings done, packages booked, suitcases ready and made your shopping lists, you are all set to have fun in the trip. Hold on a second, are you literally thinking of holding on a shopping list and moving to stores to search for makeup???

I have a better option for you, do your makeup shopping inline and utilize your trip time in site seeing and enjoying. There are many online makeup shopping sites that deliver in USA and are really good in the services and have good quality products. You can shop through these sites, give delivery address of the place where you shall be staying through the USA trip and Voila, you just might have your ordered makeup waiting for you at you hotel or any other place where you shall stay.

That’s a brilliant idea….. Do not thank me for this… after all that’s why Wiseshe is for, to always help you out.

Now that you have liked the pre visit online shopping idea, let me give you five good shopping portals from where you might want to shop for your makeup.


This is a one stop shopping site which deals in almost every product that you might need inclusive of Makeup too. It deals with health, home, baby care etc and has one sister concern site called BEAUTY.COM that specifically deals in makeup and beauty related products. This site offers various discount and promotional vouchers too. They have an easy return policy and offer easy refunds too.
Anamika too has a very impressive shopping experience with this site, one product from her package was missing and she complained almost after twenty days. The responded back very professionally and gave her the refund for the missing product.

( I recently shopped again from drugstore.com and my experience turned out to be quite bad.Their claim of two day shipping and overnight shipping comes with lot of terms and conditions for which they charge $20 and don’t own up the responsibility if delayed..More so I noticed that that their products are expensive than other beauty websites around in US. – Anamika)

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I know you might just wonder why to shop through MAC’s USA online portal when we still have MAC in India. Well there products of MAC cosmetics are at a cheaper price in comparison to what we have in India. You need to plan well before you order, since returning products through mail is a little tricky but still MAC products are never a fail and you might hardly get an urge to return a product.


Target is an online shopping site which deals in every possible product that one might need in a daily life, from grocery products to furniture, from health care to makeup. If you are planning a visit to USA then you should definitely try this site for once. IT has a nice variety of Makeup products and also offer for an easy 90 days return policy. You can either return through mail or can simply visit their store to return a product and get immediate refund. Do not forget to take the credit card used for payment along with you when you return the product at the store.


Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that has the largest chain of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. Its website too is very popular. It has a huge variety of products to offer and even have good discounts. These have an easy 90 days return policy and suggest keeping the manufacturer’s packaging for the first 90 days for hassle free returns. Refunds are immediate.


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This site does not need an introduction at all. Every makeup lover knows about SEPHORA. In India we have SEPHORA store in Delhi. Sephora offers makeup from luxurious brands like BENEFIT, DIOR, STILA, GUERLAIN, GIVENCHY, SHISEIDO, OPI, ALTERNA, BLISS, BOSCIA, BURTS BEES, CLARINS, DIOR, ESTEE LAUDER etc. The Indian store does not have all that the SEPHORA USA has, so this will be pretty intelligent to shop through their online site and enjoy the luxurious makeup.

These were some great online shopping sites that offer good quality makeup from some amazing brands in USA. Do not forget to shop from these if you ever are going to the USA.

Have you shopped from any of these sites?

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  1. Hi roti ka. Thanku so much. This is for me. Now I m in USA. There is too much cold outside and I really want online shopping.

    • Hi gurpreet… no need to thank, we r always happy to help…. once u r done wd d shopping, don’t forget to share wat u bought 🙂

  2. I would like to add Nordstorm.com, high end brands such as Chanel, Giorgoio armani, Tom ford, Charlotte Tilbury are easily available, and there customer service is amazing, we can get MAC also from them, one imp thing, no Minimum for free shipping


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