5 Makeup Tips And Best Looks Of Rekha


5 Makeup Tips And Best Looks Of Rekha


I’ve already shared beauty and fitness secrets of Rekha with all you girls. But she is so enigmatic and gorgeous that one never gets enough of her. Rekha brought the trend of oil based makeup to the Bollywood. She did her own makeup and did not rely much on makeup artists. She loves experimenting with makeup and her knowledge is visible in her perfect looks. Even though she likes makeup, she doesn’t use much in real life.


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Here are 5 steps that Rekha follows for makeup.

  • Rekha keeps her face moisturized at all times.
  • Rekha likes to do her eyes and uses eyeliner and mascara to highlight them.
  • Rekha also uses eyeshadow subtly to define her eyes even better.
  • We all know that she loves bold lips and her favourite lipstick shade is red.
  • She regularly follows the Cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine.

5 Best Looks of Rekha

Seeing Red


rekha makeup looks

Starting with her favourite red lips! She has flawless glowing skin here. Eyeshadow has been used just to define the eyes and is not too heavy. Her lashes are really thick here and a thin line of kohl can be seen on her waterline. Some peachy blush is making her face warm. The centre of attention are her matte red lips which have been coloured to perfection.



rekha makeup

This look is from her movie Khoobsurat where she played a simple, bubbly girl. How smooth her skin looks! This one is a no-makeup look which has just the right amount of mascara and blush. Eyebrows are defined and the pout has been kept subtle. Where is her mole?

Berry Cool



Berry lips are trending these days and Rekha looks amazing with them. Eyes are really toned down with a hint of mascara. The gorgeous berry-shade lipstick is adding a lot of oomph to Rekha’s face.

Going Nude


rekha makeup secrets

Rekha likes experimenting and this look is the proof of that. She has shunned her bold lip colours here and is looking smashing in light coloured lips. Again you can see that she has outlined her eyes but has kept eyeshadow minimal. Mascara is doing its job well.



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Umrao Jaan was a movie which totally redefined Rekha’s beauty. I feel that she looked her best in the flick and this picture is just a peek into her makeup in the movie. Eyes are kohl rimmed but not heavy. Lips are deep but not too bold. Contouring is amazing and so is the use of blush. Did you notice that her real mole has been hidden and a new one has been made up?

Which is your favourite makeup look of Rekha?

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