5 Makeup Tips To Make Eyes Look Smaller



5 Makeup Tips To Make Eyes Look Smaller

Hey girls, let me ask you a question first before is ay anything else.
“ Are you wholly satisfied with all what you are blessed with?”

Do not answer abruptly, because an abrupt answer has high probabilities that you will answer “Yes”….. But if you take one second thoughts yours answer will surely be “NO”.

Just like I many a times wished my teeth to be smaller, my smile to be a little narrower, you too must have your on non-satisfied wishes like bigger eyes, silkier hair, plumper lips, longer nail beds etc etc etc.

The list is never ending.


glitter eyeliner


Though we should always take pride in what we are blessed with, but just philosophies do not always go well especially when, when we have our tips and tricks to achieve what we want. Just like curly haired girl get their hair rebounded or temporarily straighten them.

Big eyes are always everyone’s fascination but ask the girls who really have those lovely big eyes. They for a change actually try to make them look a little smaller .

SHOCKeddddd, well I know this is not a case that you must have heard very often but we cannot change their desires, indeed show them some ways to help them achieve smaller eyes.

Well, you guessed it right today we are here to talk about some handy tips to make eyes look smaller with help of makeup.

Without much ado let me now tell you all some very easy tips to make eyes look smaller with the help of makeup.

Use Darker Eye Shadows To Outer Lids

Choose a deep/dark shade of eye shadow to sweep onto outer corners of lids. Blend it in towards the centre of your lids. For a daytime look you can choose brown and plum eye shadows while for the night time look you can choose for eye shadows in navy blue, grey or black colors for a sultry look.
Using dark colors to make eye looks smaller makes total sense because darker shades reflect less light off the surface in comparison to lighter shades and this allows lids to appear smaller.

Liner On Inner Eye Corners

Line your inner corner of eyes with a dark color, preferably the same liner which you used for lining upper and lower lash line. This will allow the upper and lower corners of eyes to meet and create an illusion of smaller eyes.

Apply Winged Eye Liner

This tip also helps in making eyes look smaller and is your savior if you have down-turned eyes or almond shaped eyes. These eye shapes rare capable enough to make you look tired.


classic winged eyeliner
Draw a thick winged eye liner. Winged eye liner does a double trick here: makes eyes appear smaller and adds drama to your look.

Use Dark Eye Liners

Just as using dark eye shadows is suggested also ensure to use dark eye liners. Black is my favorite in dark eye liners. Black goes well and is very effortless to carry. Line your lower lash line too to achieve smaller eyes look.


Colorbar Kohl Intense Eyeliner Blackened EOTD


Easy With Brows

Go really got to go very easy with your brows and avoid over tweezing of your brows. Thinner eyebrows do not aid in making eye look smaller indeed may ruin your others efforts as well. Proper well groomed eyebrows are all that you, neither too thick nor too thin.

Are you now ready to create a smaller eye illusion?

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