5 Mango Face Packs II Summer Face Pack Recipe


Hey, beauties!

Skin pampering is a must be it any time of the year. Other than the daily dose of cleansing, toning and moisturising, our skin needs a small but religious session of face packs. Face packs, according to me, should vary according to the season as for different times of the year, our skin needs different nourishments. While for monsoons we need a refreshing face mask and for winters we need a moisturising face mask, for summers, we need a face mask that is both nourishing and hydrating and what better than seasonal fruits! Presenting 5 Mango face packs that are really nourishing for summers. Dig in!

5 Mango Face Packs:

tips to prevent tanning

Anti-tanning face pack is something which we always use but many face packs don’t remove tan as good as they claim to. But this face pack with mango in it will help to remove tan with all ease. Mix Mango pulp, rose water, fuller’s earth and curd on your face and then leave on for some time. This will help to remove dark spots and tan and make skin beautiful.

If you have dull and lifeless skin and you need a boost of health, then this face pack will be your boon. Mix mango pulp, walnut powder and oats and fuller earth and apply onto your face. Mango has antioxidants properties that help to rejuvenate your skin making it bright and fresh. Walnut and oats will exfoliate the dark skin while fuller earth will make skin firmer. This will surely be a must have product for summers.

  • Sun relief

keep out of the sun

If you are just returning from a vacation with all tired and dull skin, then this face pack will be your go-to one! Mix Mango pulp with Gram flour and honey. This is suitable for all skin types and trust me, this will remove your tan in just a go!

Do you have the problem of open pores? If yes, then this will be your life saviour. Mix Mango pulp with egg white and a few drops of honey. Apply this mixture all over your face and keep it for 30 minutes. Use a mild face wash if you feel sticky.


Mango can be used as a great exfoliating agent. You can mix Almond powder, mango pulp, whole milk and crushed oats and make a paste out of it. Apply this paste on your face and then let it dry. Once dried, exfoliate using circular motions and then take out all the dead skin cells.

That’s all folks! So from now on, remember, mangoes are for your tummy as well as your face!

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