5 medical treatment for acne


Acne and 5 treatment for Acne

By Dr. Ankita

This post has been long pending and the reason is my hectic schedule .Topic is sensitive and I consider it as my responsibility to write on it because acne is the most common skin complaints among adolescent and young adults. The most touching thing which I read few months back was that a  spotty acne filled skin sometimes affect a youngster chances of getting a job. Well, this is not true and if few of you think that acne can ruin your carrier then please wipe off that thought completely from your mind. It is your capability which takes you ahead and not “acne free skin”

Acne Treatment

Acne is caused by inflammation of sebaceous glands, the gland in the skin which produces the fatty material to moisturise it. It occurs mostly on the face, chest and beck in young adults but few people in their thirties to require treatment sometimes.

Let us have a look over the acne treatment options –

1.       Diet- It is widely believed that sweets and chocolate results in acne but there are many who don’t even touch them and still get acne all the time. However, to eat a balanced diet, containing a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, and to ensure that vitamins and minerals are ingested in plentiful supply enables the body to fight infection and to heal the skin adequately.

2.       Tropical agents These can be bought over the counter in the form of antibacterial washes. These include Benoxyl Peroxide, which has some antibacterial action but also dries the skin. However this sometimes results in redness and irritation so people with sensitive skin should avoid this.

3.       Topical Antibiotics – Topicycline and Dalacin T are two examples of such antibiotics. They’ve been known to be slightly more effective than peroxide and are suitable for use in mild to moderate acne when used twice daily.

4.       Antibiotics this is probably the most common solution people look up to. Many a times, a topical antibiotic agent is also required. Oxytetracycline, minocycline, doxycycline are common. Some people are allergic to tetracyclines and get rashes or other side effects and prefer erythromycin or trimethoprim. The treatment usually starts with a high dose (depends on high severe the acne) and then reduces to a maintenance dose. A 6 months course with review is commonly recommended.

5.       Hormone therapy Cyproterone drug can be used to act on sebum producing hormones in the body. It is combined with Oestradiol to give a contraceptive effect which also has a favourable effect on the sebaceous glands. This is a popular option for women who require contraception and is known to give better results than antibiotics. However, this comes with usual probability of side effects common to any oral contraceptive (nausea, breast tenderness) and further, if you’re not thinking of contraception, don’t use this method.

6.       Isotretinoin This is used in case of most severe acne in which cysts and scars are prominent. To be taken only by prescription from a skin specialist, and under regular monitoring, this acts by reducing the amount of sebum produced by sebaceous glands upto 90%!. It also can have potentially severe side effects, some of them include conjunctivitis (inflammation of outermost layer of eye), thinning of hair and increase in level of blood fats.


  1. Wonderful info Dr. Ankita :-)) me too suffer from acne a lot, specially in summers! :-((
    But i think the antibiotics can be obtained from a med store, only with a doctor’s prescription na??

  2. Hi Ankita…thats a wonderful article….anything that reads acne becomes a thing of interest for me…i have been on Isotrtinoin for the last 3 months now…started with 40 mg dose a day and right now i’m on 10mg dosage a day..it has worked like nobody’s business for me…and i havent seen hair loss in my case, but i definitely have very very dry and chapped lips these days 🙁

  3. Shreya, tertacyclins come under oral antibiotics..i had taken it like years ago but that was temperoray relief only for me…for lotsa others it works..

  4. hey mitra my acne is also the same as yours.i wasted money like water ,going from one skin specalist to another but everything failed,but i think i will talk to my dermatologist about isotrtinoin.do we have to order isttrtinoin online or is it available at every common medical store.how much time did it took to treat your acne,my condition is severe.

  5. a change in diet has made a huge effect for me. I recently started to avoid alot of sugars, carbs, and dairy products. Its reduced my acne by about 75%. I was reading how cows milk has alot over 60 hormones , quite a few of them can directly lead to more acne. I switched to rice milk (which isn’t as bad as it sounds)


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