5 minute Peach Cobbler recipe


There are many ways to make peach cobler .It is an old famous recipe .Recipe below is quick and can be eaten as a snack any time.Kids just love it.

Ingredients:Serves 2

3 cream crackers
10 gm butter,
1 peach (use canned one if possible)
1 Banana cut into long slices
15 gm sugar,
cinnamon powder to taste,
15 gm whipped cream for extra topping(You can use usual vanilla ice cream as well)


1.Crumble cream crackers coarsely.
2.Now place the crackers in a microwave glass and top it with butter and peaches.
3.Now add sugar and cinnamon powder into it.
4.Microwave it for 2-3 minutes on high temperature.
5.Serve it with vanilla.

Place the cracker crumble in a microwave glass. Top it with butter, slice of peach, banana,sugar and cinnamon. Microwave on high for two minutes and serve with whipped cream.

Kitchen notes:-

In summers you can use mango also if you like instead of peaches .


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