5 Minute Work Ready Hairstyles


By Stuti Khurana

5 Minute Work Ready Hairstyles

Hey there lovely ladies! Many of us are working women. We all know what hustle bustle it is in the morning time. There is practically no time for dressing ourselves up properly let alone doing hairdos. We take a look at various 5 minute hairstyles which you can wear to work.

The Hair Bow:

hair row hairstyle

This is an extremely elegant, classy & simple hairdo for work. Take a small section of hair from each side of your head & tie them together to make a loose half ponytail loop. Split it into two separate loops & clip one loop aside for later. Spread the loop using your fingers to make it into a bow shape. Now insert one bobby pin from top to bottom & another from bottom to top. Repeat for the other loop as well.

The Tease & Tie:

tease and tie hair

Do a center or a slightly side partition & take 2 sections of hair, twist them with your fingers & tie them together at the back. This is a very convenient & easy to do hairstyle for work.

The Classic Chignon Bun:

classic chignun bun

A simple chignon bun gives you a fresh & neat look. It looks gorgeous & charming as well. Pull your hair apart & form 2 equally sized ponytails. Tie them into a loose knot. Then take one end & wrap it around the other knot to create a bun. Complete by securing it with hair pins.

A Side Swept Ponytail:

side swept hair

Take all your hair on one side of the head & tie them into a neat ponytail for a side swept look. You can also take out some flicks from the sides. This gives a simple yet stylish look.

A Sleek Ponytail:

sleek ponytail

This must be the easiest one among all the ponytail hairstyles. Make sure your hair is smooth and tight & simply back comb them into a ponytail. You can also use some hair spray to keep the hair in place.

Criss Cross Bun:

This is another hairdo which looks quite elegant. Roll upper half of your hair into a bun. Divide lower hair into two. Cross the right part under the bun and wrap the hair around it.  Do the same with the left part.

The Pompadour Look:

The Pompadour Look

You can also try a pompadour to get keep you bangs into place. Pull out the bangs after you separate them. Then back brush your bangs & give them a puffy base. Pull them back and run your brush over them. Complete this hairdo by pinning your bangs using bobby pins. Let the rest of the hair loose open.

Ponytail With A Twist:

ponytail with a twist

Make the boring ponytail more chic by adding a twist to it. Divide the ponytail into two sections, twist one section and wrap around the other section to create a twisted ponytail. If you do not want to go for a ponytail, you can also twist the hair on the one side & pin them up. Let the rest of the hair loose open.

The Low-Knot Bun:

low knot bun

This is a great hairdo for work. First back comb your hair & create a middle parting at the back. Tie them into a basic knot. Take the remaining hair and wrap it around your bun and secure with bobby pins.

Half Up Braid Crown:

Try this hairdo for a charming and elegant look. Middle part your hair & take out 2 sections of hair on both sides of the head. Braid both of them separately & secure with an elastic. Cross the first braid behind your head & pin using bobby pins. Repeat for the other braid.

Have you tried these easy hairstyles for work?

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