5 Minutes College Hairstyle + Video Tutorial Of Two Strands Braid


5 Minutes College Hairstyle

Hairstyles are an important aspect of your look. You experience a total change of your appearance with a change in your hairstyle. The hair irrespective of the length are capable to change your look for good or bad depending on the hairstyle you choose. Obviously you would be choosing what is best for you but the same has to be convincing enough given your look.

We often find it challenging to have a new hairstyle every day and we also feel envious of people who actually wear a new hairstyle every single day. Well, after you read this post, you would also be able to do that and that too all by yourself.

I am going to give you an idea on how you could make quick hairstyles and I have also shared a video of one hairstyle at the end which I recently added by Anamika on youtube. So let’s begin

Hair Style 1 – Fishtail Braid


This looks hot, and is completely chic style. The best part is that it is easy to make and once you practice it once or twice, you can run down on your total time to make it. Well, the idea is to have a good hairstyle which does not make you look fallen out of place.
This hairstyle would suit any hair length middle to long and would look good if you wear it to school or college or even to your work place. Do try this and if you want me to make a tutorial of it on You Tube, do let me know with your comments.

Hair Style 2- Hair wrapped Pony Tail

wrapped hairstyles
Well how much time do you need to make this one? I think barely 3 minutes including combing and detangling your hair. It is easy to do and just needs you to make a pony and have your hair strand out of the pony wrapped around the pony just over the band you used. You can secure this hair wrap with bobby pins and you are done.

Hair Style 3- Side Ponytail

ponytail hairstyle
This one is another hairstyle which you could try which is definitely easy but very stylish. Specially if you have longer hair. It looks hip and you definitely are going to make heads turn. The hairstyle does not even take 5 minutes but would definitely get you a lot of compliments the feel for which shall stay for much more than that.

Hair Style 4 – Two Strands Crown Braid

Two Strands Crown Braid
This one is a definitely superb hairstyle which again needs maximum of 5- 7 minutes of your time depending on your hair length. If you feel you need an impressive style, go for this one. It would make you look superbly pretty. It is easy and stylish at the same time.

Anamika has  already uploaded its tutorial on YouTube and you can view it there to learn better.  The most important quality of this hairstyle is that it comes in handy specially on the days when you have not washed your hair. It would not look this good with washed hair.

I hope I did my bit to help you have these styles on your day when you want to change your look.

You can also like to checkout the video


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